Good luck! As a marketer, you will undoubtedly recognize that one competitor who ranks just that little bit better in the search results for important search terms that are also very relevant to you. In fact, after weeks of making adjustments, improving Singapore Phone Number expanding content, processing extra search terms in the text, etc., the result does not get any better. Annoying! It is therefore important to look further at other factors, both on-page, and off-page. These Singapore Phone Number are factors that you may not have immediately thought of, but are essential for good findability in Google. In this article, I give 3 perspectives to work on a better ranking.

After The Crisis Accelerated

Work on a better user experience, or user experience (UX), is about how the user interacts with the website. This is becoming an increasingly important factor for Google. So important that in 2021 they will come up with a new ranking factor in which the user experience plays a major role: Core Web Vitals. Improving the user experience can be done both Singapore Phone Number technically and substantively. You can really go into width or depth. To work on improvements that have the most impact, I like to ask myself 3 questions: Do people find what they are looking for? Is the website attractive enough to stay? Does the user know what to do? Do people find what they are looking for? You can start with the first question by analyzing the pages you want to improve. In Search Console you can clearly see with which search terms people arrive at a specific page of your website.


The Crisis Accelerated

You do this by going to the ‘Performance’ report and then clicking ‘Pages’ at the top of the table. Search Console Performance Report – Pages In the ‘Performance’ report in Search Console, click on ‘pages’ at the top of the table to get the page overview. If you click on the desired page in the table, you can go back to ‘searches’ at the top of the table. Now you see the search terms that visitors have used in Google and then clicked through to this page. Then look at the CTR ( click-through rate ), number of impressions, number of clicks and possibly position. You can make these columns visible by clicking on the desired statistics at the top of the chart.

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