On May 11, the ISM received 2 experts to discuss issues related to Growth marketing and share best practices: Anne-Sophie DUTAT and Belgium Phone Number List Zenza HACHIMI. “Growth hacking is above all a way of being, a state of mind” ISM Team Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin im 1Report of the ISM breakfast of May 11, 2016. On May 11, the Institut Supérieur du Marketing (ISM) received 2 experts to discuss the issues related to Growth marketing and share best practices: Anne-Sophie DUTAT, entrepreneur, specialist in digital innovation, social & Growth marketing. Co-founder of FancyBox, she now supports French entrepreneurs on issues such as design thinking, lean startup or Growth hacking.

Kenza HACHIMI , co-founder of Kitchen Trotter, in 2012, with two friends, passionate about cooking and travel. She is mainly in charge of the B2C acquisition at Kitchen Trotter, a monthly subscription that allows you to discover the culinary specialties of a different country each month. “Growth hacking is above all a way of being, a state of mind,” explained Anne-Sophie DUTAT. It is the marketing of startups that is revolutionizing the traditional model. While a traditional company aims for growth of 3 to 10% per year, a startup aims for annual growth of more than 20%… with a very small budget! Growth marketing is smart data-oriented marketing that always challenges its own principles.

Some Techniques Of Growthhacking:

The main goal of this practice is performance at all costs. The challenge is to increase growth, turnover and the number of users. The Growth marketer will therefore put in place all possible resources to achieve this objective. And above all, he constantly challenges himself, he is obsessed with growth and figures! The first example of Growth hacking: PS I LOVE YOU by Hotmail which will then be followed by all start-ups. In fact, Hotmail has increased its user base tenfold by simply adding the signature “PS: I Love You.” Get Your Free Email at Hotmail ”. im 2 Growth marketing is based on 5 fundamental pillars: Acquisition: attract users to the site and encourage them to download apps via SEO, SEM, press relations and emailing.


Activation: encourage the user to register and leave their contact details in order to initiate an exchange. Monetization: converting prospects into customers. ​Retention: keep the customer coming back and generate engagement, for example with a newsletter, an emailing. Referencing: develop a sponsorship system and find ambassadors to gain notoriety and credibility. im 3 Kenza HACHIMI also shared his experience with Growth hacking at Kitchen Trotter. im 4 Important tip: before launching your offer, always build a solid community. So, on launch day, you will already have a customer base ready to buy. To achieve this, social media and partnerships are valuable levers. Kitchen Trotter experimented with this Growth marketing technique and launched partnerships with kitchen designers to make themselves known.

Growth Marketing Is Based On 5 Fundamental Pillars:

​Zachhpartner receives a free offer (world food boxes) for a limited time and can thus discover the brand and become a regular customer thereafter. Some techniques of Growthhacking: The use of contests on social networks. Test & learn: target, get in touch with your target and personalize the exchanges to convert them. acebook campaigns : favor a multitude of small targeted and personalized campaigns rather than a large campaign with a large target to have more ROI, and to be able to adjust its campaigns over time. Be careful, Growth hacking is not incompatible with plans and budgets, far from it! It is necessary to perform a lot of adwords tests which are expensive and uncertain but it is the risk to take if you want to benefit from significant growth.

Tip: to succeed in your adwords campaigns, you must base them on the acquisition rate of your offer. Indeed, the acquisition cost is a key indicator in Growth hacking. Kenza HACHIMI advises you to analyze and optimize your Google Adwords campaigns every day! im 5 Using Growth hacking techniques, budgeting your strategy and campaigns well, and performing tests is not enough to excel in the art of Growth Marketing. You must always be on the lookout for current marketing innovations and trends to be able to seize these new opportunities before others. One of the new trends is influencer marketing . It is essential to be present today on new social networks (Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Periscope) but also on YouTube which has great potential to attract influencers.

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