Back to school time has almost come! Monday, September 4, a little more than 12.3 million students will join the school benches for a new school year. Just back from vacation, parents have to embark on a frantic race for school supplies. But who wants to jostle in supermarkets in search of the perfect diary and satchel? Not many people. Fortunately, mobile is on the rise and is revolutionizing the purchase of school supplies. As the start of the school year approaches, Think with Google has just released a new infographic . Back to school is synonymous with opportunities! It’s back to school! Take advantage of business opportunities on mobile. The cost of the start of the school year is once again slightly increasing this year, according to the Families de France association. The purchase of school supplies is a major expense in the family budget.

Opportunities from June to September It’s back to school! Take advantage of business opportunities on mobile. As with Christmas shopping, there are those who anticipate long before, those who are neither too early nor too late, and those who shop at the last minute. School supplies appeared in supermarkets from the end of June. Thus, 52% of French people have Algeria Mobile Number List back-to-school purchases from least July. At the beginning of August, they were only 24%. However, purchases are spread out until September or even October. Some schools do not give out lists of school supplies until the start of the school year, and some again, especially in the Superior, return to school later. FEVAD thus observes increases in retail requests during this period. From the 2nd week of August 2016, there were + 30% more requests before reaching a peak in the 2nd week of September on the IT category.

Back to school is synonymous with opportunities!

Clothing, sports equipment, school bags, etc. are just some of the other expenses linked to this new school year. In total, the overall cost of the 2017 school year represents € 480 per child. This market of 494 million euros is therefore synonymous with commercial opportunities. School supplies in the 2.0 era It’s back to school! Take advantage of business opportunities on mobile. School supplies are no exception to e-commerce. The Internet is a new purchasing channel in the field. FEVAD’s 2016 figures clearly show that from August to October, peaks in requests are recorded, and that these requests are more numerous than the previous year. Between 2015 and 2016, requests for supplies increased by 29%. The major brands of school supplies are benefiting the most from this trend with a 125% increase in requests between June 26 and August 28, 2016.


School supplies aren’t the only back-to-school purchases parents have to make. The mobile at the heart of the start of the school year It’s back to school! Take advantage of business opportunities on mobile. The mobile, and in particular the smartphone, is the new tool for hunting down good deals in school supplies for the start of the 2017 school year. Requests related to the start of the school year increase as it approaches (+ 39% more requests on mobile) and sales are exploding (+ 60% sales on smartphones in 2016 compared to 2015). Moreover, clothing is not the only category affected by the increase in mobile queries. If we recorded + 37% of mobile requests in 2016 for clothing, we recorded + 78% of requests in the category of school supplies . Clothing still remains a heavyweight in mobile queries with a share of 51% in Q2 2017.

Opportunities from June to September

According to the association, the average budget for a student entering sixth grade is € 190.24. And the more we go up in education, the more the budget is consequent. As you can see, back to school represents great business opportunities for brands. If you are concerned, it is not yet too late to deploy an online advertising campaign . But in such a competitive and seasonal market, you have to stand out. And it is on the mobile that we must bet . So while waiting for the start of the school year, to your targets, get set, market! # 4 Attract your target with quantified advantages Prices and promotions immediately catch the eye of Internet users. From the information search phase to the desire to buy, all the steps are done on mobile. [Video] Banks and insurance: how to attract Millennials?

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