Missions, skills, qualities, salary … we tell you everything about the job of customer success manager. Make the customer experience a memorable Solomon Islands Email List brand experience to build customer loyalty by mobilizing and training teams around customer relations, this is the main mission of the customer success manager. What are the main missions of a customer success manager? Understanding and detecting customer needs Monitoring and management of the customer experience Implementation of corrective actions Optimization of knowledge and customer satisfaction The missions of a customer success manager are organized around key skills Ability to analyze and anticipateData collection and use Force of proposal Management of remarks and complaintsWhat qualities must the customer success manager mobilize to achieve his objectives? Relational excellence

The customer success manager now occupies a key position in the company. However, the function being recent, the spectrum of salaries for junior profiles is wide. Salary differentials are narrowing among the rarer senior profiles. What are the career paths of a customer success manager? Customer relationship manager CRM manager Key account manager Do you want to develop in your career and become a customer success manager? Maximize your chances of achieving your ambition thanks to certified professional training . How to set up a storytelling strategy based on influencer athletes? While waiting to meet Aurélie BESSON, Social Media & Brand Content Manager at ROSSIGNOL, during our next news conference on the theme “Social Media & Brand Content” , she gives us her vision. What is your mission on earth? In one

A model, a source of inspiration, an athlete with whom you dream of collaborating?

More seriously, I think I am above all a communicator because I like to handle images and words and express myself (in all senses of the word). I find that it is necessary to make sense above all and that the ROist dimension of the contents is not contradictory on the contrary. I am therefore a catalyst between the brand and “social” media (my favorite field). Which social networks are the most inverted by Rossignol and why? We’ve had a big presence on Facebook for years, but we’re growing Instagram more and more . In fact, we have launched several “community” accounts, geared towards sports practice, while Facebook remains our generalist “magazine”.


Instagram has a place of choice now because this network responds perfectly with our brand claim ” Another Best Day “. In addition, the photo (still mainly used on this network) is our raw material. We are here to make people dream, to make people want to do sports , so it lends itself perfectly. However, we are investing more and more in the ads part, and Facebook is by far the number one medium. We still maintain an active community, older than Instagram, but more in line with our shoppers. How would you describe the relationship between the Rossignol brand and influencer athletes? Passionate! We have created strong links with our athletes for years and beyond simple sponsorship we seek to maintain a lasting relationship with them. We launch a lot of collaborative projects, they inspire us as much as we support them.

Which social networks are the most inverted by Rossignol and why?

A model, a source of inspiration, an athlete with whom you dream of collaborating? Personally, I dream of working with Anne-Flore Marxer , Freeride World Champion, who is above all my idol and who greatly advances the cause of women in her sport (snowboarding). I invite you to go see his film A Land Shaped by Women . More concretely, we are already collaborating with Martin Fourcade (in particular on the textile dimension) who is a model of professionalism and who always pushes us to surpass ourselves! To go further, see you on May 21, 2019 for the third edition of our “Social Media & Brand Content” conference.

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