Missions, skills, qualities, salary… we tell you everything about the business of the key account salesperson. ISM Team Share on Greenland Email List Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Developing and managing a strategic client portfolio while ensuring mutual success and the satisfaction of both parties, this is the objective of the key account salesperson. What are the main missions of the large account salesperson? Management and development of a client portfolio Animation of a sales and business development strategy with its customers Market analysis and competitive intelligence Execution and monitoring of contracts The missions of the key account salesperson are organized around key skills The large account salesperson must always be one step ahead.

Its capacity for analysis and anticipation are its major assets in building its own strategic vision. In fact, his clients expect him to be a force of proposal in order to constantly offer them new solutions with added value. To be able to forge a relationship of trust, convince new customers and push new services and / or products to their customers, the key account salesperson must master the entire customer journey and associated commercial best practices. Thus, he must be able to juggle different business approaches. For the major account manager, the major stake remains the commercial negotiation phases that mark out his customer relations. Finally, whether it is during commercial negotiation, the maintenance of his portfolio, the success of the commercial large account depends on his financial management.

The Missions Of The Key Account Salesperson Are Organized Around Key Skills

What are the essential qualities for the success of the key account salesperson? Relational excellence Dynamism Listen Rigor Stress resistance The large account salesperson can claim a gross annual salary that changes with experience Junior (0 to 3 years old): 40 K € Confirmed (4 to 8 years old): 80 K € Senior (+ 8 years old): 120 K € What are the career paths of the key account salesperson? Sales manager Regional Sales Director Commercial director Do you want to develop your career and become a key account salesperson? Maximize your chances of achieving your ambition through professional training . Share on Facebook Share on Twitter


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What Are The Essential Qualities For The Success Of The Key Account Salesperson?

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