Your missions: Within the editorial division, your mission will be to: Conduct market analysis, marketing studies and opinion research Carry out documentary monitoring, benchmarking and surveys Study consumer behavior to find out their expectations and gain a 360 ° view of the customer journey Carry out qualitative and quantitative studies Documentary research and data collection Exploitation, analysis and comparison of documents and data collected Summary of the results highlighted
Write web content for the blog Writing marketing articles with a sociological approach Presentation of the results of marketing studies Your profile : At Bac + 4 or 5 level, you are a graduate of a business school or a university cycle in marketing, market studies or sociology Attractiveness of marketing and sociology Your qualities : Spirit of analysis and synthesis ( it seems that it is better ) The language of Molière no longer holds any secrets for you.

Let’s talk about the working atmosphere. Here, friendliness, team spirit and autonomy are the key words. It is also a young and dynamic atmosphere where familiarity and a smile are essential. Good web culture ( apart from GIFs and memes, you know Internet codes, 2.0 tools and techniques as well as hot topics ) Knowledge of industry practices ( If I say call-to-action, KPIs and retargeting, that sounds like something to you ) Don’t you have a lot of experience? This Cyprus Mobile Number List good, we had not planned to hire a person under 30 years old with a baccalaureate +10 and 20 years of experience. To apply : Do you recognize yourself in this profile? So send us your CV quickly to this e-mail address: [email protected] There is no need to send a cover letter ( does it still exist ?! ), but rather give us five good reasons to choose you.

Marketing Studies Officer

The society : is a digital marketing agency located in the de Seine near Rouen. Our job ? Improve the visibility and notoriety of companies on the Internet to generate traffic. Concretely, we make sure that their website appears on search engines , or even, we distribute the right advertising to the right person at the right time . is also a young, super cool company that has kept its start-up spirit. Good to know : Pains au ( friends from the southwest, you are welcome! ) And croissants every Tuesday morning. Outings (restaurant, aperitif, bowling, etc.) are regularly organized. “Friday Wear” is a bit everyday ( within reason ). From research to the act of purchasing, the smartphone is involved in all phases. Thanks to the smartphone, the ROPO effect, for “Research Online, Purchase Online”, has become a challenge for tourism players.


Marketing studies officer Job : 3-month fixed-term contract to be filled now annual events may be planned in advance. A real time saver! Win time Guide to best practices for a successful social media strategy Finally, always with a view to saving time, it is preferable to automate certain time-consuming tasks such as monitoring or scheduling publications. For this, you can rely on solutions like Hootsuite, Buffer, etc. A strategy on social networks is thought upstream. Your simple registration on social networks is not a success in itself. You have to go beyond that by developing a strategy that is consistent with your business and your goals. The key to success is your ability to intelligently invest in social networks, optimize your profiles and publications to create interaction and engagement with a loyal community. This is precisely part of our expertise, so do not hesitate to contact us .

The Society

The media having already tested the PWA also noted increases in the number of pages viewed and time spent on the site as well as an increase in the number of visits thanks to the reduction in page load time. Advertising arrives on the home screen As we know, Facebook is looking for new locations to broadcast its ads. The news feed being saturated, it is towards Facebook Messenger that the advertising network will, in part, set its sights. Ads will appear on the Messenger home screen, just below recent and favorite conversations. Messenger isn’t the only advertising spot that Facebook is tackling. They have already found new drop-off points for their advertisements in Instagram Stories, Facebook videos and Live videos. One thing is certain, video, which is very successful, is one of the advertising spaces with the most potential.

Proof of this is with the new advertising format offered by Facebook Ads. A new advertising format for videos Facebook also plans to launch its own videos by the end of the summer. The idea is to broadcast videos to reach a young target (13-34 years old), and more particularly target 17-30 year who are very fond of video content. The videos, in the form of programs and series of no more than 30 minutes, will mainly revolve around sports, reality TV and comedy. Facebook does not rule out offering shorter formats, around ten minutes. However, their interest in long videos clearly demonstrates a desire to slip advertisements in the middle of the videos. This advertising format , called “mid-roll”, would be broadcast in videos longer than 90 seconds from 20 seconds of broadcast. Advertising breaks will not exceed 15 seconds so as not to hamper the user experience too much.



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