It was acquired by the Societe Generale group in 2020. Shine is distinguished by the large number of features associated with the online pro account. The goal of the neo-bank is to help professionals in their daily lives. The advantages of the Shine online pro account: Real-time notifications Mastercard World Debit bank card (possibility of virtual card) 100% configurable ceilings Accounting tool (upload of supporting documents for each transaction) Integrated invoicing tool 1 st month free Prices: basic package at € 7.90 excl tax per month (20 transfers and direct debits included).

Mastercard bank card (possibility of virtual card) Real-time payment notifications No movement commissions Automated financial management Online capital deposit 30 days free Customer service available 7 days a week Prices: solo package at € 9 excl tax per month (20 SEPA transfers and direct debits included), standard plan at € 29 excl tax per month (100 transfers and direct debits) and premium plan at € 99 excl. Tax per month (500 transfers and direct debits) 2) Shine: an attractive quality-price ratio pro shine account Shine is another French neo-bank that targets entrepreneurs and the self-employed.

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Here are the 4 best offers on the market, with attractive conditions for entrepreneurs, companies, and self-employed. 1) Qonto: excellent Latvia Phone Number quality of service qonto pro account Qonto is an independent French neo-bank for professionals, micro-businesses, and freelancers. Today it has more than 150,000 customers in 4 countries and has quickly established itself as a benchmark player. Very active in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, Qonto wants to be a true partner of entrepreneurs. The advantages of the Qonto online pro account.

Latvia Phone Number
Latvia Phone Number

online pro account In addition to the online capital deposit if you are in a company, the bank will ask you for several documents to finalize the opening of your online professional account: Proof of identity Proof of business address Proof of activity or declaration of start of activity A copy of the company’s articles of association (except for self-employed / micro-enterprises) Your professional online bank can provide you with the exact list of the documents it needs and the possible supporting documents. Online pro account: the 4 best offers for entrepreneurs So which bank to choose for a business account?

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Self-employed with a pro account or not? If you have the status of self-employed or micro-enterprise, know that it is not mandatory to have a professional account. You can completely opt for two personal current accounts to separate your professional and personal activities. Do not hesitate to inquire with your bank, some offer to create a second current account free of charge. However, opening a pro account can have benefits and give you access to services, such as tracking your expenses and bills. How to open a professional account online?

While the majority of banks offer professional accounts.  In conclusion, The acceleration of digital transformation. The arrival of new players on the market has caused online banking to explode. No need to go to an agency to deposit your capital. With an online pro account, everything is done on the Internet. In addition, online banks and neo-banks often have lower overhead costs than traditional banks due to the absence of physical branches. They can therefore offer more attractive offers than traditional banks. In this article. We will therefore focus on the online pro account options.

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