John Mueller of Google explained how Googlebot treats Sitemap files using a rather telling comparison to energy drinks. In a discussion China Email Lists thread on Reddit where a user asks if it’s pointless for a customer site to have multiple Sitemap files, Mueller replied that it didn’t matter. All Sitemap files will be imported together and passed to Googlebot as one large dataset. Here is precisely what John Mueller said : “All of a site’s Sitemap files are imported as one big container with slightly mixed elements, then given to Googlebot by URL as an energy drink. It doesn’t matter how many files and pages you have. ”

Depending on how Mueller describes the process, Googlebot never ends up knowing how many Sitemap files a site has because it only receives a list of URLs. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how many Sitemaps a site has, because Google reads it as a single file. One thing that matters, John adds, is providing Googlebot with information regarding the date of the last modification . Mueller says site owners should provide this information and then ensure that the URLs for the Sitemap files have the same date. The last modified date can be a useful signal when used correctly, Mueller continues in another commentary . It is not useful to use the data / time of the last modification of a Sitemap, as that is not really the date on which the main content was modified.

The example of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s blog

SEO’s and site owners should also be mindful of servers that return a dynamic last modified date for all URLs, as John says that’s not helpful either. During each election campaign, digital marketing represents the X factor of your communication strategy. If you are a child of the 90s and even before, you inevitably remember the hype of communications on television, and in the press during periods of political elections. I remember being indifferent, or even hilarious, several times watching on television the official commercials of the different candidates and political parties, sometimes bordering on outdatedness. This was particularly the case in 2009, when the UMP had the brilliant idea of ​​surfing the ephemeral fashion of lip dub . As a reminder, the lip dub initially consisted of presenting a company, its employees and especially its managers through a video clip made most often in the workplace.


The idea being to refresh the formal image that the general public could have of the business world. It was therefore logical that a political party like the UMP seizes this new way of communicating, for the better, and especially for the worse…Fortunately, the landscape of political campaigns and messages today has radically changed. The time when politicians spent astronomical sums of money on video and paper communication campaigns, without having real control over the reach of their message, will gradually become over. Now, the time has come to gain more results while spending less , by taking advantage of digital communication channels such as social networks and search engines like Google.

SEO at the service of your online reputation

In this article, we would like to define how, whether you are a politician or a politician, using digital marketing through an Inbound Marketing strategy can help you achieve effective and measurable results by allocating a suitable budget. the audience you are targeting. Within the framework of the policy, inbound marketing consists in attracting the voter towards either rather than going to seek it with advertising slogans. For decades, political campaigns have focused on top-down communication that did not place interaction at the heart of the relationship between the voter and the politician. Mitterrand poster Campaign poster by François Mitterrand during the 1981 presidential election against Giscard

From now on, Inbound Marketing makes it possible to approach political communication with a more respectful approach to the voter by providing real added value and arousing their interest. Inbound Marketing vs outbound Marketing Let’s find out which digital communication channels to use to disseminate our inbound marketing strategy and set up interaction with voters. The creation of your website We are going through an era in which digital is omnipresent, where the website represents for a political party or a personality, its digital identity. Your website is the main medium on which all your digital communication will be focused. Needless to say, to conduct your next political campaign effectively, the creation of your website is crucial.

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