Share on Linkedin At a time when digital marketing has become a major issue for companies, it is essential to become familiar with the terms  Niger Email List used in the development of an effective content marketing strategy. From the first contact until the act of purchase, there is a whole arsenal of actions to put in place for a successful lead generation strategy. Discover our lexicon around the lead generation Buyer persona It is the action of determining an ideal customer archetype for a brand. Obviously, each customer is different, but the definition of a Buyer persona based on precise criteria allows the creation of content and the implementation of marketing actions perfectly adapted to this “dream” customer.

Content marketing This strategy refers to the creation and distribution of media by a brand in order to develop its attractiveness and its activity. It is essential for inbound marketing since it is through this that the lead will naturally turn to the company. Content marketing encompasses all types of informational content produced by a brand. It is traditionally associated with social networks but is not limited to it. Customer Journey If the Buyer Persona consists in defining a typical customer, the Customer Journey consists in establishing the typical customer journey in his knowledge of the brand. How will he discover the brand for the first time, what will be the different stages that will lead him to the purchase.

Marketing Qualified Lead (Mql)

Defining this customer’s “journey” is essential in order to plan the various actions to be taken to move him from an unqualified lead to the status of Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Inbound marketing This marketing process consists of bringing the lead to the company naturally and without using traditional marketing techniques. The idea is to meet his need and get him to turn to the business spontaneously. This can involve a great deal of content ranging from blog posts to white papers, including tutorials, infographics or videos … Landing page This is the landing page that a user will land on after clicking on a link. This can be a home page of a site or a page ddicated to a specific offer. It is this which will make


it possible to transform a visitor into a lead when he has filled in his information to download a document (white paper, computer graphics, presentation, etc.) Lead A lead is not a prospect, at least not yet! A lead is a contact that can come from a salesperson’s work in the field, a visit to a website, or a phone call. A lead may or may not be qualified, it is in a way the embryo of the prospect. Lead management Lead management is the process in which leads are used to feed the sales forces, whether internal or external. It breaks down into different logical steps: – the generation and / or identification of leads – the qualification of leads – profiling – targeting of different categories – transformation into sale or balance sheet Lead nurturing This is a phase that could be compared to the “incubation” of a lead to make it mature.

Sales Qualified Lead (Sql)

It is about maintaining or developing the relationship with his lead in order to prepare him to evolve into a prospect through different stages of writing. (Much like a Pokemon, ask your children for more information). Lead scoring This practice consists of evaluating your leads by adopting a scoring system. This note will allow you to assess the steps you still have to accomplish to segment your leads into categories based on demographic and behavioral data related to marketing issues. Marketing automation This is the process that aims to automate marketing actions. Like sending emails or SMS, according to predefined parameters based on the behavior of the leads. It can also be implemented in lead nurturing or lead scoring actions. Now essential, it saves precious time. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) These are qualified contacts thanks to marketing actions..

The more information that lead provides or shows interest in the brand, the closer it will come to being a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). POE This acronym refers to “Paid, Owned & Earned”. This is a content marketing strategy that relies on three delivery channels for your message: – Paid for media purchased by the brand: sponsored links, affiliation, display, social ads – Owned for media owned by the brand: its website, its profiles on social networks – Earned for media generated by the community built around the brand. It arises from paid and owned Progressive profiling It is a progressive method of qualifying leads that consists of obtaining their personal information little by little.

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