LinkedIn Ads has integrated new very interesting targeting features. Matched Audience: new retargeting options on LinkedIn Ads Three targeting formats are added to LinkedIn’s already well-developed criteria, responding to certain expectations from advertisers: retargeting. Very effective for keeping in touch with an individual who has had contact with your site, or a publication, or any other form with your company, retargeting can be very effective since it allows you to advertise to an audience necessarily already interested. LinkedIn Website retargeting (or retargeting from the website) Thanks to a cookie integrated into your site – the LinkedIn Insight tag -, you are able to identify which visitor is present on LinkedIn, and then build up specific audiences according to the URL of the page visited. Thus, it is possible to push sponsored ads to each of these audiences, depending on their journey on the site and therefore their potential expectations.

And to further optimize their offer to B2Bs, LinkedIn Ads matched audiences Account Targeting : targeting influencers in the field It is now possible, thanks to this functionality, to fill in a list of company names (up to 300,000 names), and then let LinkedIn make the link between the names of this file, with those of some 12 million. companies on LinkedIn. Thus, Lebanon Phone Number List all the names have matched, you will be able, thanks to this system, to target influencers of the companies of your selection, and to push posts directly in their LinkedIn news feed. LinkedIn Ads account targeting Contact Targeting : engage with prospects This targeting function allows the user to enter their CRM database, or even to connect directly with their Magento, Oracle Eloqua or Live Ramp platform to import a list of contacts (other platforms are being integrated ).

Matched Audience: New Retargeting Options On Linkedin Ads

Although the professional social network LinkedIn is older than Facebook, it has only recently expanded its advertising offering and opened its doors to advertisers. LinkedIn is however a powerful lever of conversion for professionals, since it brings together an ultra-large panel of professionals and companies from all sectors. The use of these emails provided to LinkedIn thus makes it possible to stay in contact with prospects and customers, through the distribution of advertisements on the network. LinkedIn Ads contact targeting Have you already tested one of its features? Do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comments! In addition, if you wish to get started in the promotion on LinkedIn, do not hesitate to contact us, we are experts in social media management . Lately, we can’t miss the motion design. Just take a look at his Facebook news feed to realize the current craze around motion design.


Content they like Apart from sponsored ads driven by social media ad platforms, you may want to consider promoting your offering through influencers. Influencer marketing works very well with this generation, especially through videos on YouTube. Showcase your products through tutorials, infomercials, sponsored events,… but always in form. To help you out, here’s an excerpt from an interesting study conducted by Kantar Brown . It highlights the types of content that are positively impacting Gen Z. Generation Z advertising impact As you can see, faced with a more demanding, unfaithful and impatient Generation Z, you have to be imaginative to attract their attention and arouse their curiosity. We must convey things that speak to them immediately via the social networks where they are most active. Also, special care must be taken with the visuals, the music used in your ads as well as the tone used and the message conveyed.

Targeting Influencers In The Field

As you will have understood, video in motion design is essential. For targeting purposes, it may therefore be interesting to use retargeting on Facebook and Instagram to target young people who have already shown interest in your brand. Instagram continues its rise in the cutthroat world of social media. His Stories, a feature launched by Snapchat, are very successful, so the number of users continues to climb. Instagram has just announced this week that it has reached 700 million , or 100 million more users in just 4 months. By seducing users, Instagram also attracts brands who see it as a communication medium conducive to creativity and interaction. This social network, which is based on communication through images, opens up the field of possibilities in terms of diversity and originality of content. Find out which formats and posts will boost your Instagram account.

When see one of your posts, they should automatically be able to associate it with your brand. The more original and attractive your universe, the more your account will appeal to. And finally, the more you follow an “aesthetic editorial line”, the more you will stand out and be immediately recognized Showcase your products Whatever products you offer, you need to be able to showcase them on Instagram. As we know, travel and landscapes, food and lifestyle culture are themes that work and are very successful on the social network. Also, some brands showcase their products using these themes. This is particularly the case with American Express, which surfs on trendy subjects to subtly present their bank cards. Instagram: the most creative techniques and formats to create interaction Another example with the suspended tent manufacturer which really makes its subscribers travel to ever more magnificent places.


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