At the start of the year, and in the current economic context, marketing must of course be results-oriented, but performance is also largely linked Bahrain Phone Numbers List to the effectiveness of the marketer. He must lead different projects simultaneously, innovate, review product ranges, negotiate with distributors and partners, keep increasingly tight budgets … Without good organization and management of time and priorities, it is easy to let go. overflow. Do you still have to take the time to review your working methods… but it may be “the” good resolution for 2013? thus contribute to serving the customer. In companies where customer journeys are strengthened, the empirical results are beneficial in several ways: They significantly contribute to improving the quality of the service by making it more fluid and less anxiety-provoking for the client.

As Florence Garson Zylberman, consultant trainer in marketing, indicates: “In an increasingly demanding and changing context, marketers in SMEs or large companies must go beyond their technical skills to succeed. Choosing priorities, asserting themselves and communicating easily internally or outside the company, optimizing information flows have become essential to the success of their missions. They must acquire new behaviors and adopt operational organizational methods that allow them to produce more results with less effort. Even more, strengthening their professional efficiency contributes to the personal development of marketing managers. ”

Professional And Marketing Efficiency: Make The Difference In 2013!

While the marketing function is evolving with the rise of digital marketing, marketers need more than ever to mobilize several talents to be successful. Not only must they integrate the new consumer behaviors generated by the Internet, but they must mobilize resources, both internally and externally, to optimize the chances of success of their projects. Knowledge of the project methodology is therefore essential, as are the basics of cross-functional management. It is indeed difficult to coordinate different actors without hierarchical link and especially if they are external service providers. It’s up to the marketer to steer them like a real conductor in order to get everyone’s involvement.


The other key to successful marketing lies in the art of good communication. If business expertise includes communication with customers, it is still necessary to communicate well with your peers! How do you get the messages across to sales people who have a rather negative view of marketers? How do you convince your management committee when you present your business plan? There are many examples of situations where the success of projects requires speaking out. But due to lack of time, the preparation of interventions may be insufficient. Good preparation includes an effective PowerPoint presentation, anticipation of questions or objections, or even stress management… These are all points that deserve to be carefully studied in order to have more impact. Here again, it’s all about priorities or good resolutions!

Knowledge Of The Project Methodology

It therefore becomes necessary to complete the existing tools for designing the showcase service to better manage this complexity. This reflection gave birth to customer journeys, in particular at the initiative of telephone operators, in the course of the 2000s. Too succinct in the early years, customer journeys were increasingly sophisticated tools, able to take into account all the requirements. details of a showcase service, and animate a multiplicity of actors internally. However, it is still today a polymorphic tool, which turns out to be very different from one company to another, both in its sections and in the degree of in-depth expected from it.

A key strategic issue for companies developing complex or highly technological services Customer journey techniques are currently enjoying real success in high tech service companies (telecom, banking, etc.). Thus, for example, the Orange group, after strengthening its customer journey approach for individual markets, is now applying this methodology for B2B markets, despite the additional difficulties caused by complex decision-making circuits. Like servuction approaches, this approach consists of projecting oneself on what we want the customer to experience and designing new services while looking at the impact for the customer. For a telephone operator, for example, all of the businesses (marketing, information system, network, process, operations, management, etc.)

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