The recent “Online shopper intelligence” study carried out in France by Kantar Média Compete (1) reveals that 92% of online shoppers generally tend  Bolivia Phone Numbers List to search for at least one type of product on a sales channel (whether in store or on the Internet) before buying it on the other channel. This is especially true for household appliances and high-tech products, but also for clothes and shoes for which “touch” is an important element in the purchasing process.

Informing and sharing the operational marketing plan with the sales force is decisive to guarantee an effective implementation. This is why favor a “ready-to-use” formalization: synthetic (less than ten pages or “slides”), explicit (limit “jargonite”) and attractive (like any sales tool!). On the other hand, make sure to make your presentations to the sales teams, motivating – by insisting on the levers, the means of action and the challenges to be met – rewarding by highlighting the marketing / sales complementarity for success, and dynamic by promoting interactivity and demonstration (sales assistance tools, communication actions – promotion, etc.). This can be particularly beneficial when the framework of the interventions is very formatted, the sales representatives remaining your first customers!

Coordinate marketing and sales objectives

Finally, for the operational marketing plan to have a real impact on the development of the company, its commercial implementation must faithfully reflect the vision and established objectives, while retaining a certain flexibility. In reality, this stage, clear when the plans are being designed, becomes difficult throughout their execution. There is no quick fix. However, strengthening the proximity of marketing / sales even (or perhaps above all) in multidimensional structures is a path to follow. It is not only a question of increasing the number of exchanges (wisely!) But also of establishing a long-term relationship. Here are a few possibilities:


visits to customers and distributors, interventions at local sales meetings, dissemination of information related to competitive and commercial intelligence, feedback on communication or prospecting actions…. but many others are to be created!

In conclusion, beyond the quality of the operational marketing plan based on a focused customer approach, its effectiveness is based on an assumed marketing-sales junction. The rise of the Internet, the multiplication of communication channels and screens influence our daily behavior. Getting information, training, communicating, sharing, buying… everything changes. Companies, like their customers, are adapting more or less to this now ubiquitous digital environment. In these times of crisis, this digital convergence represents a tremendous opportunity for all stakeholders. However, only companies that listen to their market, observe its developments and adapt quickly to consumer expectations, have a better chance of remaining in the competition.

Are you good at keeping your customers happy?

Digital marketing opens up new perspectives, at a very modest cost compared to traditional marketing techniques. It makes it possible to reach its targets using a wide range of media: phones, tablets, digital TV, game consoles, etc. It allows precise targeting of actions, the personalization of offers, a permanent dialogue – before, during and after the act of purchase. It makes it possible to identify visitor behavior, to trace visit routes and interactions, to measure campaigns and visitors’ reactions with precision.

Digital marketing thus refers to a set of transactional and relational strategies managed online, with the aim of optimizing the acquisition and retention of new customers, the promotion of its products and services, and the development of its reputation.From this perspective, the creation of a lasting relationship with the customer constitutes a considerable competitive advantage, difficult to imitate. This densification of the relationship gives rise to an exchange of data that should be used wisely and with respect for the consumer.
Maintaining this relationship on a regular basis through various means of communication has many repercussions on the organization of companies, the skills of employees, and the techniques and processes to be implemented.

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