Consistent experience through an integrated marketing approach . >>> Inbound versus outbound marketing. straight to the point and bluntly 6. Know which metrics are right for your business A digital campaign can provide important data about customers (what they want. like and buy. for example). Before starting a campaign. define your goals clearly and identify the metrics you will use to track performance. If the goal is to “advertise product X to potential customers in market Y”. but the result shows that “the return on investment was low because sales were not good enough”. something has gone wrong. And you need to

know where the bottlenecks Afghanistan Phone Number are. >>> Metrics for live streaming: discover the most important ones 7. Learn from past digital marketing campaigns You don’t have to start from scratch with every new campaign. As long as you’ve tracked the right data. you can analyze your past performance and find out what worked and what went wrong. Take that stance in the next campaign: improve what’s good and leave out what’s bad. 8. Learn continually Companies need to build a culture of

Continuous Learning . Talents in

sales teams should be encouraged to improve through courses and workshops. thus enhancing their digital knowledge. The market. customers and available digital marketing tools are constantly changing and you must keep up with these transformations. 9. Invest in autonomy As change is a constant. marketing teams need autonomy. This will allow them to be agile and launch marketing campaigns quickly. If the team is waiting for the green light from some echelon above. you may have already lost the timing to the

Afghanistan Phone Number

competitors. 10. Simplify things Medium and large companies. especially those spread out (whether in the same country or even around the world). should try to avoid using too large a mix of agencies and tools. Before hiring a new agency/investing in a new tool. make sure you can leverage what is already being used in other parts of your business. Use your network and leverage your connections. but try to avoid overlaps. incompatibilities. and duplications that may arise. Save your time and money and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Conclusion We can say that item 10 represents

A Super Important Concept in the Elaboration of Your

brand’s digital transformation process: make things simple . But that doesn’t mean you can relax with the strategy and simply react on the fly to the stages that arise in this transition. There needs to be a balance between planning and simplicity . Understanding what each of the 10 points listed in this article proposes is already a big step towards effective change. But we understand that practical doubts may arise about how to implement the process . Therefore. we invite you to contact us to discuss your uncertainties. Rest assured. this chat is without commitment. We guarantee that you will leave the conversation with a clearer view on

the subject.?? In the meantime. be aware of what and how you are doing it. and without going overboard with the preciousness and amount of tools used.??Relationship marketing: the secrets to winning loyal customers Published by Cristian Amaral in March 10. 2021Categoriestags 0 0 0 relationship-marketing-the-secrets-to-acquiring-loyal-customers Relationship marketing is. at the same time. the front line in the customer loyalty process and the strength for retaining them. Its central element is the sincere availability to listen and serve them. in order to put their needs before immediate business objectives. Read customer

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