Discover the profession of media trader through the testimony of Guillaume Mateos, former student of now working in a programmatic omnichannel trading desk. Online advertising spending will exceed budgets Chile WhatsApp Number List traditional media in the United States this year, according to eMarketer. In France, the handover should also take place in the coming months. Within online advertising, programmatic now accounts for 50% of purchases made in display. This automation of advertising space purchases has experienced exceptional growth for several years, becoming a standard in the market. The emergence of new professions has of course followed this movement. Among these, we will focus in this article on the media trader. To learn more about this new profession, we spoke with Guillaume Mateos, former student of the Bachelor in Web who is now working as a media trader at Skaze,

A programmatic trading desk. has the particularity of being the only school in France to train programmatic both in a theoretical and practical way, both with modules oriented towards advertising purchasing plans as well as concrete cases with business specialists. This explains the fact that many former students of this course currently hold media trading manager positions in specialized agencies or trading desks. In this interview, Guillaume Mateos explains to us what this profession consists of, the professional perspectives in the sector but also the skills necessary to exercise in this position. How did you become a media trader? I joined SUP’Internet after the Bac, in Bachelor Web Marketing , a course dedicated to web project management. I had the chance to do three internships in this context, and thus to discover several positions.

In what types of companies is this profession practiced

I have always been interested in the field of online advertising. From high school, I began to pay attention to this universe, to develop a curiosity for the formats that I came across online. When a SUP’Internet teacher told me about the profession of media trader in the first year, I naturally wanted to orient myself towards it. I was able to develop technical and operational skills with a first experience at ZBO Media. In the second year, I joined the advertising agency We Are Addict as an assistant strategic planner, a position that allowed me to take a step back and learn more creative missions. This overview of the functioning of the online advertising market made me want to return to the profession of media trader. This is how I joined Skaze in the third year. With my SUP’Internet diploma in hand.


I joined the company in this position on a permanent contract. My internships allowed me to acquire skills and a good knowledge of the ecosystem, and therefore to be operational very quickly. If we start from a global vision, we automatically buy advertising space on behalf of brands. This requires support for the customer from A to Z in the management of his promotion on the Internet. We advise him during the strategic recommendation of the campaign, in terms of the media plan and the direction to be taken. We translate this media plan into the distribution tools, the DSP, when the campaign is set up. Once this launch is done, we analyze the delivery data to perform the necessary optimizations, before sending the delivery report to the client.

What are the professional prospects for this position

In short, the media trader is the guarantor of the performance of an RTB (Real-Time Bidding) campaign and the privileged link with the client for its implementation. The profession is relatively recent. It has supported the emergence of RTB platforms, which allow the automatic purchase of advertising inventory on a large number of sites. This rise of programmatic has required the arrival of professionals to supervise these practices, including the media trader who is on the front line. This has greatly simplified the purchase of online spaces: no need to multiply calls and emails to display advertisements. This also made it possible to better target the audiences sought, and to have much more reliable and precise measurement data. The job changes every day, which is what makes it so fascinating. There are more and more tools that facilitate the trader’s analysis and optimization work.

But which always require reflection and activation on his part. The profession is moving more and more towards strategic advertising advice. It will increasingly be necessary to support sales representatives on dissemination recommendations upstream of the campaign and to find technical solutions adapted to customer needs. We are therefore going to move from an operational and analytical position to an increasingly strategic and thoughtful mission. In what types of companies is this profession practiced?
The media trader is present among several marketing players in general. He of course works for large agencies which have their own trading desk. He can also practice in independent trading deks. Some advertisers have also internalized this skill, usually when their purchasing budget is large. What other professionals does the media trader work with?

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