Meltwater is one of the benchmark solutions for brand monitoring. The monitoring and analysis platform makes it possible to see everything that is said about a brand or a competitive universe, whether on social media Brazil WhatsApp Number List in the online press. Watch over your brand and competitors Meltwater is first of all an excellent social media and web monitoring platform. The company, present in 60 countries, claims more than 30,000 customers worldwide, and is developing rapidly, particularly in the field of AI. The platform allows you first of all to configure a search on your brand, or on your competitors. You have the choice between simple keyword searches, or complex searches with Boolean operators. They are obviously a little less easy to set up, but more precise.

Once the search is configured, Meltwater generates a dashboard organized in 3 parts: a space with the main KPIs, a space dedicated to social media KPIs and a space dedicated to Twitter statistics. Among the KPIs offered on the Dashboard: a flow of the different mentions, the number of mentions, the main keywords, the most represented countries, and the sentiment of the mentions. You can obviously filter the searches, by sources (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, News, YouTube, Instagram…), language, country, keywords or sentiment. For each KPI module, you can download all data in CSV format. The Social Media tab allows you to have detailed KPIs on your social performance. Some are really interesting to exploit. In particular, you can have access to your “Top influencers” (the people mentioning your brand with the largest communities), your “Top hashtags” or the analysis of sentiment by channel.

Watch over your brand and competitors

Regarding Twitter analytics, you have access to the type of content posted about your brand or the brand being monitored (RT, tweets, quotes, responses), top emojis, or the most used negative and positive keywords. Enough to have a complete vision of what is being said about you, or your competitors. Twitter analytics do not require a login, so you can monitor any account, or any keyword. Big advantage of Meltwater : you can share your test results with anyone via a link by email. Very practical for working collaboratively or presenting results to teams. You can also benchmark indicators like number of mentions, impressions or sentiment between several searches, which allows to have an overview and competitive of a subject. Measure and promote media coverage Meltwater allows you to have a clear vision of your communication actions and your media impact.


To create an analysis of your media coverage, it’s very simple, you just need to choose a title, a goal and a start and end date. Meltwater then provides an overview of the impact obtained, as well as the ability to be present in the target media. In our case, for example, we did a research on the impact for the Hello Work brand, and in particular on the press coverage in A Timeline tab allows you to manage the entire project and associate the various team members with it. You can thus add contributors to the project, add resources (CP, lists of journalists, PDF…) and create task lists (write draft of the CP, send CP…). You can then have an overview of the progress of the project and the tasks of each. Finally, the “Coverage” tab allows you to have complete coverage of the most impactful articles.

Contact influencers and journalists

You can share every week (or every day) the progress of the project and the different outcomes with a simple link. Contact influencers and journalists Another particularly useful feature of Meltwater is the ability to create and activate an influencer and journalist base. In France, you have access to a database of 23,000 volunteer journalists registered on the platform. You can submit drafted press releases to them directly from the platform. You also have access to distribution statistics, as well as to the analysis of your campaigns. So ideal for managing your PR and taking advantage of a base of journalists already established and receptive to your news. You can obviously target the journalists to whom to send your content according to their profiles.

A mobile app to stay connected Unlike most other players in the sector, Meltwater has a very complete mobile application that allows you to stay connected at all times, and not miss anything on what is being said about your brand or your competitors, even on the go. In particular, the app allows you to view all the latest spinoffs, and configure alerts on topics that are gaining in importance. If your brand is exposed, you will be notified in real time via a mobile alert. A complete and powerful suite that is easy to implement
Meltwater stands out from other platforms by its versatility and ease of use. Concretely, the platform allows to have a global view of everything that is said about its brand, or its competitors. It is not limited to social networks, but it makes the link between press, media actions, and social media.

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