Discover Message Business, a complete and powerful marketing platform to manage your messages to your customers, visitors and prospects. If the web tools market is very dynamic and registers many new arrivals each year, some have managed to establish themselves as a benchmark Thailand WhatsApp Number List a long time. This is the case with Message Business, which has been offering a complete marketing solution since 2006 to support all types of clients, such as mid-size companies (mid-size companies), non-market organizations and agencies. Emailing, SMS, marketing automation or even data management and landing pages, the resources offered are numerous and make it possible to support a complete customer acquisition and loyalty strategy. It should also be noted that the features offered are in full compliance with the GDPR

The site even offering a cookie consent module and the entire application being hosted in France. Message Business unveiled a number of new products a few days ago, it is an opportunity to (re) discover the many possibilities it offers to digital marketing professionals. Centralize and qualify your contacts It is the raw material of any marketing platform: your contacts and the information linked to them! To get started on Message Business , you will therefore need to import your contact database, in TXT or CSV format. You will be guided throughout the import to validate the nature of the various information provided and match them to the fields of the tool’s contact database. A preview of the result will allow you to definitively validate your import. You can obviously do as many imports as you want.

Centralize And Qualify Your Contacts

The contacts will then be visible in the dedicated section, each record being editable. Is an important field missing for you? You can add more by specifying the nature of its content (text, number, date, etc.). Message Business also offers many other methods to insert Contacts automatically: Magento / WordPress / Woocommerce / Prestashop / Salesforce modules as well as a ZAPIER connector and a very documented API. File exchanges by SFTP are also offered. Since each member of your community does not have the same attachment and the same behavior towards your brand, site or product, the new version of Message Business proposes to assign them scores. It’s up to you to determine how it is calculated: opening mailings, SMS, website visits, etc.


You can then initiate or prioritize your marketing actions according to the scores assigned, and therefore the supposed expectations of these customers and prospects. Likewise, your customers do not all have the same interests. Let’s imagine that your site is specialized in soft mobility and therefore offers several categories (bikes, scooters, etc.). Client A can only be interested in bicycles, while client B will swear by scooters. There would then be no point in triggering untargeted marketing actions when their interest is strongly marked. Message Business allows you to create segments in your customer base, which will be based on the actual uses of your visitors: page views, links clicked in emailings, etc. Internet users’ journeys are stored anonymously and linked to contact data if they have consent to individualized follow-up was expressed.

Manage Your Marketing Operations

There are many other common actions available to take care of your contact base. You can thus spot bad email addresses, false phone numbers, view active and inactive contacts, deduplicate or even export the database if you need it elsewhere. Manage your marketing operations Your contact base, and in particular your scoring and your segments, will be used to launch different types of marketing operations from the platform: Emailing : creation of email campaigns or newsletters for your subscribers. They can be created on the basis of a previous operation, from an HTML file, from your e-mail software or even from an RSS data feed or an Excel sheet. Emails can also be completely scripted for automated marketing sequences to welcome a new contact, thank him and offer a series of campaigns over several days or even beyond.

Sending of SMS campaigns, with the possibility of personalizing the name of the sender and the number of the sender. Marketing automation is also available on the SMS channel. Web forms & surveys : construction of forms for collecting information and customizable surveys with many input fields: contact details, opt-in, text zones, etc. Web pages : creation of drag and drop landing pages, allowing to choose the number of columns, the formats, the style of the page and the elements which compose it: buttons, texts, images, rating, payment… Quick access to the HTML code generated is allowed. Transactional emails : configuration of a transactional SMTP to segment, produce and schedule messages such as order confirmation and sending password or notifications.

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