For some time now, the notion of “ metaverse ” (metaverse in French) has been at the heart of discussions. Between the change of Facebook’s Latvia Phone Number List name, investments amounting to several million euros and the big brands that switch to the metaverse, the phenomenon is growing and bringing new challenges. Zoom in on the metaverse.

What is the metaverse? The term “metaverse” denotes an experience in a virtual environment where it is possible to evolve in three dimensions by means of an avatar or a hologram. In this alternate reality , it is possible to interact with other people, to work or to play. The idea is to create an alternative universe through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in order to move and interact as in reality.

If this is a notion that we find a lot in literature, films or even video games, and which is therefore, in the state of fiction , the metaverse represent lucrative community spaces for companies. and brands seeking visibility. Partnerships, virtual placements or virtual events are multiplying so well that big brands like Calvin Klein, Samsung and even Spotify are setting up virtual partnerships with virtual influencers on social networks, or Gucci in partnership with Roblox which has sold a virtual bag for $ 4,115 during a virtual exhibition space. The opportunities of the metaverse
With the different confinements, it seems that the digitization of everyday life has accelerated via skype aperitifs,

The Metaverse Race

virtual games for several people, live concerts on social networks or the possibility of watching series simultaneously wherever you are. ‘one is, etc. It’s a growing phenomenon with endless possibilities for brands. By addressing, no longer to the user but to the avatar, that is to say the fictitious representations of the users, new customer relationships are established, with in particular what is called Cathy Hackl, a speaker specializing in augmented reality and Metaverse strategist , the D2A (Direct-to-Avatar).


Sensing the scale and potential of the metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg embarks on a metaverse project and employs nearly 10,000 people to work on it. The Facebook head office takes the name of Meta in order to show the company’s desire to no longer simply be a social media company but a metaverse company . Meta had already embarked on the construction of their metaverse with Horizon Home and World, spaces of creation and construction like Minecraft but in virtual reality. He has, moreover, invested nearly 50 million dollars in the construction of a metaverse in a responsible way .

The Opportunities Of The Metaverse

The metaverse race Meta isn’t the only company that thinks the metaverse is the future of the internet. The large distribution company Carrefour has already invested 3 billion euros to integrate digital into its stores. It should also be noted that Carrefour will also work with Meta to help Carrefour modernize its image and develop applications to reinvent the way of shopping . In addition, Carrefour employees will be trained to work on Workplace, a digital collaboration tool published by Meta.

For its part, Admix has also invested nearly $ 25 million to create advertising solutions in the metaverse. The goal is to integrate advertisements into video games, but in a non-intrusive manner.

Finally, Disney plans to create its own metaverse according to statements from Disney CEO Bob Chapek. This is not the first time that the company has combined the physical world and the virtual world, notably with Disney Movies VR which had allowed an immersive experience via Oculus VR headsets in the worlds of Disney. However, the company is poised to take digital to a whole new level, potentially with a theme park metaverse through handheld devices or digital hotspots, for example.

Other companies like Microsoft , TikTok , Apple or Roblox also aim to create their own metaverse. There is no doubt that the metaverse represents the future of the internet and there are many other companies that will be joining in the future as well.

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