Here is the new version of Microsoft Advertising. Microsoft Advertising ( formerly Bing Ads ) continues to evolve and now offers a new design, which will remind you of Google Ads. It should allow marketers who use this platform to navigate more fluidly and intuitively on the interface, and Germany WhatsApp Number List better manage their advertising campaigns. Many changes had already been made with the addition of new driving features but also clearer performance figures a few weeks ago. This redesign is therefore part of a general impetus from Microsoft, which is trying to boost its advertising solution. This seems to be working, since Merkle’s quarterly report reports an 18% increase in Microsoft Advertising revenue year over year, stronger growth than Google. Among the notable new features of this new version, we can mention: Easier access to your data.

Notably with the arrival of a menu on the left that will allow you to quickly navigate between your different campaigns, and a menu bar at the top of each page to access the different accounts, tools, etc. libraries etc. A more modern, clearer, more readable design. The changes are made to avoid information overload and to help you keep your focus on the important information on each page. Abandoned in favor of Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising is trying to come back to the forefront with these many new features this year. It still has some way to go to find a place in this market which is struggling to break out of the Facebook / Google duopoly. These animated videos are aimed at beginners who want to learn about SEO and develop an online presence.

The Addition Of New Driving Features But Also Clearer Performance Figures

Google continues to communicate with webmasters and SEOs through its dedicated blog , its Twitter account – and increasingly its YouTube channel . The Mountain View firm is launching today a series of videos devoted to SEO optimization. They will be aimed at beginners who want to learn the basics of SEO. Google specifies that these videos will teach you how to “create an online presence” and use “the right Google Search tools to help your customers find your site”. So far, only the intro video below has been posted. Google will feature a new SEO basics video every 2 weeks on its channel and invite interested parties to subscribe to be alerted each time it is uploaded. Google’s SEO videos for beginners will give you the necessary elements to answer these kinds of questions.


Do i need a website? How to define the objectives of my website? Is my website visible on Google? We imagine that through these videos, Google will introduce neophytes to its monitoring tools such as Search Console or Google Analytics. All videos will be made in the form of animations. At the same time, it is advisable to consult the official Google documents to ” get started in natural referencing “. In September 2019, Rand published the results of a very interesting SEO study . He interviewed 1,500 SEOs to list the 26 elements that have an impact on the positioning of a web page. Each factor is scored from zero to ten, the average of the scores obtained makes it possible to order these elements according to their impact on SEO.

Notable New Features

Panda SEO had the good idea to collect this top 26 in the infographic above, it allows you to better visualize the results. The study carried out by Rand Fishkin confirms the importance of content: for the first time, criterion No. 1 corresponds to the relevance of the content, links are now relegated to second place. To go further, we advise you to consult all the results of the SEO study : you will discover in particular the trends that should have a strong impact in the coming years (Google verticals, machine learning, zero click phenomenon , etc.) and the factors that divide the SEO community (real impact of keywords in the domain, use of Google AMP, age of the site, etc.). Most of the major press titles have done it, as our colleagues at JDN reveal – and so have we, of course.

Those who protest in public against the Google update have also resolved, more discreetly. Development is very inexpensive and allows newspaper headlines to declare the dose of content that can be picked up by Google: how many characters, what resolution for images and how long for videos. It should be remembered that Google’s decision could have been much more radical and seriously harmed the entire sector. In 2014, Spanish politicians decided to pass a similar law, which led to the outright and definitive closure of Google News in Spain . Google for a time hovered this threat over all of Europe , before taking much more measured action. Google would have had every right to shut down Google News in Europe and that would have been a cataclysm for the entire press; but it is clear that Google also needs this content.

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