Microsoft launches Clarity: a free tool to analyze visits to its website Microsoft recently announced the release of Clarity, a completely free Sri Lanka Phone Number List web analytics tool with great features to help you improve the user experience. Microsoft Clarity Discover Clarity, the new website analysis tool offered by Microsoft. © Microsoft Innovation at the service of Data Clarity is a set of analysis tools based on the behavior of Internet users . Concretely, Clarity makes it possible to guide the owners of website (s) on possible improvements to foresee at the level of the user experience, and this, thanks to the precise analysis of the behavior of the latter. After a beta version released in 2018,

Clarity now offers 3 powerful tools: Heat maps Thanks to this functionality, you can analyze the interactions of Internet users according to two types of behavior, clicks or “scrolls”, by setting up heat maps. The “clickmap” allows you to analyze the content that interests your users the most. The “scrollmap” indicates whether Internet users see (or not) the most important content. The heat maps display the “hot zones” which correspond to the most clicked content , and the “cold zones” , that is to say the zones which have triggered few actions . Microsoft Clarity Demonstration of heat maps with “hot zones”

Innovation At The Service Of Data

and “cold zones”. © Microsoft Playback Session The “Session Playback” function provides access to a retrospective of user visit sessions . Thanks to this feature, it is possible to follow the clicks, the scroll and the overall navigation of the user . In order to perform precise analyzes, several filters are available, such as the type of behavior (click, scroll, fast return, etc.), the platform used (mobile, computer, tablet, etc.) or even the definition of time ranges. Clarity also integrates machine learning, which enables new types of behavior to be highlighted, such as “rage clicks”, “dead clicks” and “excessive scrolling”. A tracking bar is also available to facilitate your analyzes.


Microsoft Insights Dashboard Clarity has a dashboard. Basic data such as the number of visitors, the bounce rate or the number of page views are available, as well as more extensive data: number of excessive scrolls or even JavaScripts errors. Microsoft mentions that it provides “a dashboard of aggregated data and metrics to help you get a holistic understanding of your site’s traffic . ” Microsoft Clarity Global analyzes of your statistics thanks to the dashboard integrated into Clarity. © Microsoft A tool accessible to all and which respects the GDPR Clarity is a completely free analysis tool , regardless of the traffic generated by your website. The tool is accessible to everyone ,

Insights Dashboard

both developers and novices (or almost) of data analysis and processing: “if you want to understand your users without having to analyze the ocean of data that can result from operating a website, Clarity is your tool. ” Other points and not the least, Clarity makes it possible to analyze the behavior of the users in the respect of the private life and the security of the data of the Net surfers . In addition, Microsoft assures that the use of Clarity will have a very low impact on page load times . As you will have understood, Clarity is a powerful analysis tool. Combined with Google Analytics, the latter could represent a real advantage for website owners . Clarity is already available via the Microsoft site . To use the tool, you simply need to add Clarity JavaScript to your website.

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