Through its Digital Marketing Center , Microsoft offers small and medium-sized businesses a centralized tool for managing their  digital marketing . Already launched in the United States, this free and innovative solution is currently only available in beta, before a wider opening to come in the coming months. Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center: a free, comprehensive and efficient tool Microsoft digital marketing center Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center is a free solution made available to small and medium-sized businesses by the US IT giant. It thus allows those in charge of marketing in these organizations to manage their strategies from a single interface ,

whether it is the organic reach of their publications on social media or the effectiveness of their paid campaigns on essential platforms such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This new tool is the result of the work of the Garage branch of the company founded by Bill Gates. The latter aims to encourage Microsoft employees to carry out projects that are important to them, without necessarily being linked to their main job in the company. Microsoft Garage is thus a lever to stimulate the creativity of employees while offering innovative solutions to users. Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center is a perfect example. In particular, it uses artificial intelligence to set up and automatically manage paid advertising campaigns . To do this, simply to advertisers to specify their objectives , to determine the geographic targeting and define their budgets .

Digital Marketing Center

This data then allows Microsoft to specify the relevant keywords, the most suitable audience and to place the bids in total autonomy. Of course, advertisers have the option of adjusting Microsoft’s automatic suggestions, or even building their own campaigns from scratch. manage your campaigns with Microsoft Digital Center Regarding organic results on different social media, it is possible to manage up to ten different profiles from the dashboard. Users have the option to create, schedule and publish posts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. There is also a feature that allows a single inbox to be used to send or reply to user messages. To some extent, Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center looks like all-in-one digital marketing platforms like HubSpot. Less complete than the latter in terms of functionality, Microsoft’s solution has the considerable advantage of being free and rather easy to use.

It is therefore aimed just as much at employees of companies new to digital marketing as at experts, by responding effectively to their daily needs. In conclusion, Microsoft’s digital marketing center should offer an accessible solution for small and medium-sized businesses wishing to implement a digital marketing strategy. For now only available in beta in the United States, there is no doubt that this platform will be a success in the months to come. To register for the beta, click here . Multiple signatures is being phased in for Gmail users and G Suite customers via the personal account. This signature is inserted automatically in messages and can include various elements such as the company logo, contact details or various links.

Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center: A Free, Comprehensive And Efficient Tool

This new functionality can be useful in many situations such as adapting the signature in several languages, communicating with several teams, companies and products or even to announce an event that your company is organizing. Demonstration of multiple signature via Gmail. Source: BDM If you take advantage of the rapid execution of the new features, the multiple signature has been available on the messaging service since March 10, 2020 , with a gradual implementation over the following 15 days. If it is a planned launch, this new feature will be available on March 24, 2020 . _____ Do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants to support you in your SEO strategy .

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