Etienne Gourdon, Digital Marketing Consultant at ISM and Founder of E-trafic The new year has arrived and it is traditionally the time  South Korea Phone Number List devoted to making good resolutions. It is indeed time to take stock and rationalize your online advertising spending! Like many online advertisers, you are already using a panel of levers to promote your brand and generate traffic to your website. Some have given rise to careful thought, others seem unavoidable and some are used because “everyone is doing it”. Now is the time to take stock of the real contributions of your traffic generation tools!photo-video Here is a list of good resolutions that I suggest to start the year 2015. In 2015,

I promise to: Set a goal by lever and stick to it Paid or natural referencing is there to meet demand, not generate it. So I stop wanting to use these levers to promote my brand, or appear on a generic keyword that absorbs most of my budget. Each expense must correspond to a profitability calculation, and the positioning in the search engines must not serve to satisfy my only ego! If I need visibility, then Display, Social Media, and PR 2.0 can accomplish a lot more, faster, and for less. Streamline my acquisition levers What is the ROI of each of my levers? Does an investment in a new lever bring incremental traffic or cannibalize my existing levers? Have I reached a spending limit in my most efficient levers or can I continue to invest in them?

Consider Buying My Brand Name On Adwords

Conversely, does an increase in spending always mean a decrease in performance? If so, maybe it’s time to diversify your investments. Follow the effects of an image or notoriety campaign on my acquisition levers We often see the poor performance of a notoriety campaign (online or not) in terms of revenue generation. This is obviously not its primary goal. But then how to justify the investment? Precise monitoring of your acquisition levers, with SEO in mind, can help you see things more clearly. Have you not noticed the significant influx of traffic to your website from search engines following a TV ad? Didn’t they specifically research my brand to get to my site? What is the average conversion rate following a brand query? Have I noticed an increase in physical store visits (bricks & mortar)?


Consider buying my brand name on Adwords You’ve probably thought that if someone searches for you on a search engine, they will most likely find you through your first position in organic results. No need to spend more to appear in sponsored results! However, keep in mind these elements that may change your mind: 1 / Any competitor can buy my brand name on Adwords and appear above my natural link in Google. A significant number of prospects (remember the value of researching your brand name) may then change their mind and visit my competitor’s site. 2 / Why redirect this brand traffic to my homepage systematically? It’s the job of the natural link, but what if I launched a promotional offer page,

Follow The Effects Of An Image Or Notoriety Campaign On My Acquisition Levers

3 / Buying my brand on Adwords gives me a maximum quality score immediately – you are indeed the most relevant to your own brand. You thus appear almost automatically in front of all your potential competitors and above all the cost of the click will probably be below 15 cents … In 2015 I tested: Affiliation Too often forgotten, affiliation allows some companies to generate up to 30% of their turnover online. Isn’t it time to test this complete acquisition channel? With the affiliation, I can generate leads and sales at a controlled cost. Co-registration, very popular with affiliates, also allows me to expand my e-mailing database at very low cost. I am not familiar with some traffic generation tools? Professional affiliates can identify the potential for leverage –

I only pay based on revenue generated. Finally, I want to test the demand for my products or services in a foreign market but I do not have representation in the country? Why not let local affiliates do this work? Smart Ads / Real Time Bidding Significant modernization of the purchase of advertising space on the web, RTB allows costs to be significantly reduced thanks to an automatic optimization of the supply and demand circuit. You specify your display criteria (targeting, type of location, auction) and the RTB finds you the cheapest available locations in a few hundredths of a second. Of course, you won’t choose the exact location where to display your banner, but the savings are still significant. Mobile marketing A mobile strategy must be different from a classic e-marketing strategy.

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