It is wise to put the contact moments with the customer on Ukraine Phone Number List paper. This can be done in a written process or a customer journey (a customer journey through all contact moments with the brand, product or service). Give it a name, as long as it is based on Ukraine Phone Number List the wishes and needs of the customer. How do you take customers step by step? Customers have little idea of ​​the options, especially when it comes to pensions. Also when it comes to influencing their future financial situation. Because really, you can already do that. To make customers aware of this, we take them step by step on various customer journeys: from generating interest to providing influence.

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Writing such a customer journey (also called customer journey ) helps you Ukraine Phone Number List to think from the customer’s perspective. To encourage customers to take action, start with the interest phase. Whether this concerns (self-)created interest from a life situation (life events) Ukraine Phone Number List or through the use of the right mix of marketing and communication. In my view, it is therefore the beginning of the 4 I’s of customer communication. The 4 I’s of Customer Communication What are the 4 I’s of customer communication? The 4 I’s of customer communication help to activate customers and create touchpoints in the customer journey.


Ukraine Phone Number List

This immediately makes the purpose of such a contact moment a Ukraine Phone Number List lot clearer. You probably know it. An e-mail or text in which you immediately want to do everything. Arouse interest, share all your information and preferably request a quote right away. That doesn’t work, then you miss the purpose of that contact moment. You have to take the customer with you, build up Ukraine Phone Number List your contact moments. Arouse interest Give information Creating insight Provide influence Clarifying the purpose not only helps your customers, it also becomes clearer within the company why that email, landing page, video or new online tool is used or created. See the 4 I’s as a step-by-step plan to help customers (and your colleagues) by the hand. By going through the steps,

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