Snapchat is the instant social network. Praised by Millennials, however, it struggles to find an economic balance. At the start of 2018, will 3-second advertising be the right resolution to convince advertisers? From the user point of view – when the addiction to immediacy makes 3 seconds an eternity – what will be the perception? Shall we “skip” or not? Snapchat’s first advertising steps Snapchat: would it be the precursor of the euphoria of live announced for 2018? Created in 2011, the Snapchat social network makes it possible to exchange messages, but above all videos and photos, for a limited period. The ephemeral reigns supreme. Many have paraphrased the famous line of Mission Impossible to explain what sets Snapchat compared to other social networks: ” this post will self-destruct in five seconds “. Thus, the video or photo once transmitted disappears in the vastness of the cloud.

It creates the illusion of being intensely connected in a present, unique and shared time. It is therefore because Millennials spend hours there and are captive there that brands have become interested in Snapchat. Some have, moreover, been able to do well. They borrowed its codes., in order to reach the youngest through their privileged channel. This is the case, for example, of the NGO WWF, which is very active on social networks. She teamed up with Belgium Phone Number List to run a campaign called #LastSelfie. The arrival of Snapchat Ad Manager in 2017 The past year is certainly a turning point for Snapchat, which must ask itself the question of its marketing. In the second quarter of 2017, a loss of $ 443 million was recorded. The company’s stock was down 15%. Thus, in the summer of 2017, an advertising platform was finally launched: Snapchat Ad Manager .

Snapchat’s first advertising steps

Basically, when Evan Spiegel co-founded Snapchat, he initiated the live trend which will be – we tell you – the real 2018 trend. Authenticity and immediacy: these are the two values ​​that Millennials adore. Snapchat is their social network par excellence. It gives them the feeling of being closer. In this article, we will detail how it works. Snapchat advertising agency: Snapchat Ad Manager But many wonder about the relevance of an advertising presence on this social network. The user profiles are for the moment rather sketchy. Some advertisers say they expect audience analytics to improve. The criteria that can be selected are: age, gender and some areas of interest. In comparison, Facebook’s punch and targeting force is much more precise for an advertiser. In an official press release published at the end of 2017, Snapchat provides for several changes. What are the first measures in 2018?


In 2017, the advertisements are inserted in the Stories, but the user can easily skip them. Until then on Snapchat zapping is required. A video is also viewed for less than two seconds to achieve the desired content. However, brands are looking for quality visibility. Thus, at the start of 2018, Snapchat is testing new methods, requiring 3 seconds of viewing. Snapchat-publicite-stories-2018 Wait 3 seconds to “ignore the ad” A pioneer of “skippable” video advertising, YouTube blocks in-stream ads for 5 seconds. An impossible-to-ignore 6-second ad format was even launched in 2016, Bumper Ads. The term designates the movement of the user’s finger on his screen to generate an action. This gesture is obviously fateful in the context of an advertisement. This is why the brands deploy stratagems and ingenious communication, with the aim of retaining the Internet user beyond the famous “ignore the ad”.

2018: advertising 3 seconds

Some brands have even staged this constraint! Snapchat is therefore inspired by YouTube but cuts the pear in half with 3 imposed seconds of announcement, to better adapt to its target, addicted to immediacy and freedom. Test phase and Snapchat S preserved? The Moderator’s Blog specifies that Snapchat could first test this format on a sample of advertisers, in order to measure its relevance . Because it is not certain that users do not migrate to other social networks. This ad placement for a defined period of time almost goes against Snapchat’s DNA. If these advertising videos that are not “skippable” for 3 seconds show convincing results, Snapchat may decide to deploy them within the partner media videos . The Stories would thus be preserved. In other words, Snapchat tends to stem the possible resistance of users, while turning to a viable business model.

But we still have to convince advertisers. What future for Snapchat for 2018? Will Snapchat’s future depend on the emergence of this new ad format? Faced with Instagram, which is capturing more and more users and promises to carve out a good lion’s share in 2018, its dynamism and its young target will be an asset. Snapchat figures: users between 18 and 34 years old Source: In a time of personalization and the increased interest of brands for Millennials, Snapchat is a social network to invest in an omnichannel approach. If we advise you not to put all your eggs in one basket , 3 seconds of advertising on Snapchat may be worth your attention as part of your digital marketing strategy. Indeed, it could be that these 3 seconds turn into a hen that lays golden eggs . Because studies and our experience show it: the omnichannel approach is very profitable.

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