After starting a career in the world of management consulting at Capgemini Consulting, Maha SEFRIOUI wanted to take up more Haiti Email List operational challenges. On the strength of the methods acquired and the diversity of the issues addressed, she had solid assets to confront the reality on the ground and the managerial challenges. First positioned in organizational functions, she quickly evolved in the banking world to occupy, for 2 years, the function of strategy, marketing and communication director of agricultural credit leasing and factoring (CA LF). Multi-skilled, she also assumes the missions of Chief data officer and has also been in charge, for 3 years, of an e-commerce team.

You have been Strategy, Marketing & Communication Director at Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring for 2 years, what have been your main challenges? My first challenge was to embody within CA LF a function that had never been before in order to combine strategy and marketing . Indeed, bringing the marketing vision (its knowledge of the market, our competitors, regulations, technological developments) to the overall strategy of the company makes sense. However, if I guarantee it, it is important to stress that this is a collective work. My role is precisely to provide the leading collective with the tools and methods to think together.

How to ensure its dissemination within your team of around sixty employees?

In parallel with this global mission, I must fulfill fundamental and logical objectives: support the development of the business and develop the company’s market shares in France and internationally. The levers to achieve this are marketing actions such as the development of offers that meet the needs of customers and adapt continuously. While this is a key element of my roadmap, it remains fairly classic. At the same time, there are issues that are at the heart of development at CA LF: Digitization : how to set up more innovative marketing that integrates the rise of digital and uses its tools Customer satisfaction and experience: how to use marketing to ensure a smooth and quality customer experience throughout the customer journey . This includes issues of relational excellence, listening and customer satisfaction, measurement and customer-oriented culture .


The simplification and readability of our offers : a major challenge for BtoB expertise professions such as ours. Our mission was to move from an expert approach to the democratization of solutions. How has the health crisis impacted your business and your roadmap? As you can imagine, it had a huge impact on her. During the confinement of March 2020, the first impact (known to all) was to adapt our mode of operation to work remotely . We were lucky, at CA LF, to be very agile and responsive. However, at a time when the priorities could be elsewhere, we had to find solutions to collaborate differently. It is by projecting ourselves into the post-confinement that we have achieved this.

To cope with changes in the profession, what skills should be developed for a marketer today?

On the other hand, it was essential to strengthen the support of our customers thanks to our financing offers. We have, in particular, proposed numerous moratoriums, that is to say the suspension of payment of our rents over a period. The crisis has also revealed the need to digitize or accelerate the digitization of our processes . Constrained by the circumstances, we have created new processes to communicate with our clients and allow them to adapt their means of financing, etc. We have thus accelerated the deployment of the electronic signature. Finally, from these challenges arose the need to update our customer data in order to communicate with them, by email or by telephone. In summary, the impact of the crisis has mainly affected: supporting our customers with an offer and adapted processes accelerating the digitization of our processes and those of our customers.

At the end of our review, we wish to initiate profound transformations in several areas: From an internal point of view, our mode of operation : we want to perpetuate teleworking in agreement with our social partners. However, this presupposes having the right tools and being able to use them ourselves. To enable us to be more efficient, we want specific support. This is all the more strategic for carrying out our projects. Indeed, we should not only conduct meetings to exchange but to co-construct. From the customer’s point of view, the significance of our presence and our support: our real challenge in 2021 is to support the way out of the crisis. We must support the strongest as well as the less solid. This is materialized through financing solutions, our daily support and our relational excellence.


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