A Easy study of communication and marketing professionals looked at what made their job more complicated than before. Omnichannel and the impact of digital on business models stand out first. Digital transformation affects all Honduras WhatsApp Number List of the company. Communication and marketing departments are on the front line, and must manage the evolution of their own positions while accompanying this wave of change. How do they see the growing complexity of their profession? The Easy group took an interest in this subject by interviewing 619 communication and marketing professionals from May 3 to 29, 2019. Here are the main conclusions of this survey . A profession that is becoming more complex The first conclusion is strong: for these professionals, there is no doubt that their job is more and more complicated to exercise. A little or a little bit for 41.8%, more, a lot more or quite more for 35.6%.

The majority (42.6%) consider that this has been the case for 3 to 5 years. Direct consequence: for two thirds of them, the deployment of their strategy is now longer to put in place. When we go into the details of what complicates the job of these professionals, it is the omnichannel of communication plans that emerges first. The impact of digital in the business model and the difficulty of measuring a reliable ROI follow. Also cited are the volatility and opportunism of customers, and the almost permanent evolution of communication techniques. The study looked at the main qualities sought in their partners, in particular agencies. ROI culture comes first (45.5%) ahead of creativity (45%), mastery of KPIs (39.5%), operational mastery (36.4%) or even strategy (34.4% ) and cost (33.8%). ack of resources, the main obstacle Finally, among the obstacles identified in the deployment of their strategy.

A Profession That Is Becoming More Complex

The communicators cited in the first place the lack of financial means. The difficulty of deploying a coherent strategy on all touchpoints comes in second place, ahead of the lack of understanding of the new marketing and communication challenges of governance. Then we find the lack of embodiment of the vision, the weakness of the execution of the creative idea and the absence of a central idea. Because their Quality Score is less than 5 and therefore their cost skyrockets. The impact of improving QS: are you curious about the impact that increasing your Quality Score could have on your campaigns? SEISO will give you an overview that can quickly prove to be very motivating. Targeting: This is how you will match your keywords and user queries. Targeting can be done exactly (the keyword in question and its variations).


By expression (the queries contain one more word before or after), broadly modified (several words added around your keyword) or in broad (includes synonyms or similar terms). SEISO will allow you to understand the distribution of your budgets between these different targeting, its effectiveness and advise you on a balanced mix. Costs per conversion too high: just like for QS, you will be able to see which keywords your conversion costs are too high. This will allow you to prioritize your work. Thanks to the SEISO monthly report, in a few tens of minutes each month you can carry out most of the optimizations necessary for the good maintenance of your account. SEISO is a certified Google Premier Partner tool. The information on your Google Ads account is obviously treated confidentially by SEISO.

Omnichannel Communication Plans And The Impact Of Digital On Frontline Business Models

Data processing is done on a French and secure server in accordance with GDPR rules, your campaign data is not stored, only a PDF is generated and transmitted via Google Drive. Want even more guarantees? The service even offers you to sign a confidentiality clause before use. The Google Ads campaign audit can be used every month even if you already have an agency (this will help refine the goals you give them or track activity on the account) or if you think your campaigns are well managed: you are not immune to a good surprise How can such a service be free, if it is so useful and can save you money? Quite simply because the team behind SEISO, the Ad words agency JVWEB, is sure of its expertise, and that it sells additional services allowing you to go even further.



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