Listening to the consumer is a force for understanding their environment and an innovation opportunity for the company. Informing your Belarus Phone Numbers List marketing decisions in the light of consumer perceptions and uses makes it possible to guard against marketing flops, to adapt your offer to demand, to differentiate yourself … If the contribution of listening to customers, through place of marketing studies for a marketing construction inspired by the one we are trying to seduce and convince, there is no longer any doubt… it is still necessary to make the right methodological choices. Over the past 10 years, Internet studies have established themselves in the world of studies. Today, in France, more than 40% of quantitative studies and nearly 20% of qualitative studies are carried out online.

The Online Collection Method Offers

How is this new trend justified? Can the development of online methods be explained solely by the necessary control of study budgets? Hopefully not. The online collection method offers a new relationship to the interviewees and revives the methodological creativity of the study providers. Online studies offer new opportunities to interact with a new consumer, more and more mobile, less and less accessible, more and more informed. Setting up studies on geographically dispersed populations while ensuring a sufficient sample size for better reliability of the results, questioning clients in situ are the methodological advantages of the quantitative study by emailing, on the website or on the Web mobile.


Interacting with not very talkative targets face to face, recruiting people resistant to displacement, refining the accuracy of the analyzes by questioning the participant’s home over time (and finally putting an end to certain constraints of the traditional qualitative approach), are the main benefits of the bulletin board, the blog or the community forum. If online collection is a collection method in its own right, it is not, however, a panacea; it cannot be seen as the solution to all study needs. Whether traditional or online, each method has its advantages and limitations that must first be known and analyzed in order to make a methodological choice adapted to its marketing problem, to its target. Knowing the potentials and requirements of online studies means making sure to use them wisely and make the most of them for effective and inspired marketing recommendations.

Setting Up Studies On Geographically

They force the various players in the design and manufacture of the offer to sit around the same table to work together on the consistency of the service as a whole and to place the customer at the center of their concerns. However, it appears that the success of such an approach relies on a few key success factors: This is a cumbersome change management process that requires: a strong involvement of top management but also of middle management. A consistent support and training approach,both with the front office and with marketing and actors in the service design chain Patience… It requires the installation procedure s and standard documents,

allowing collaborative work on the basis of a common vocabulary It requires a significant investment in time and energy. Unlike the tools of the previous generation, which could be applied to a limited part of the offer, the customer journey is only of interest if it takes into account at least a large part of the offer, and requires therefore the establishment of working groups over periods of up to several months. The success of a customer journey approach also requires the creation of specialized teams, responsible both for developing and transmitting this know-how within the company, and for coordinating internal stakeholders to support the management of the change.

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