On the other hand, it is mandatory to have a legal status to declare your income. The status of auto-entrepreneur is ideal for this. You can check in online in a matter of minutes. How to create a Shopify dropshipping store? Step 1: Find a Niche Product to Sell Online If you are a craftsman and make your own products, congratulations! You can already go to step 6 to add your first product to your Shopify online store. But if not, know that finding products to sell online is the trickiest part for an entrepreneur. It’s about finding a product that is fairly new or original, but for which there is a demand.

There are other solutions, to discover in our comparison of e-commerce site creation , but Shopify is really the most efficient in this area, all dropshippers will tell you. You pay a monthly subscription and you can launch your store in a matter of hours, with 14 days free. And in 14 days, trust me, you can make your first sales. Is dropshipping legal? Yes, dropshipping is legal. If it wasn’t, the e-commerce solution leader wouldn’t openly tout the benefits of dropshipping . As dropshippers, you are neither more nor less than an e-commerce intermediary, between customers and the supplier, that is to say like any store that does not produce its stocks.

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Also note that we have a Shopify dropshipping training video. Don’t wait to get started. Trust yourself and become your own boss. START FOR FREE Shopify Norway Phone Number dropshipping, how does it work? Dropshipping therefore consists of selling products on an online store, entrusting the manufacture, stocks and delivery to the supplier. You find your suppliers on sites like AliExpress, CjDropshipping or BestBuy for example. To sell these products, you need an online store. Shopify is a great choice for this, because it is quite simply the number one ecommerce platform.

Norway Phone Number
Norway Phone Number

We explain how to dropshipping with Shopify, the legal points to know and we show you examples of drophipping shops. This Shopify Dropshipping Guide teaches you how to find a product to sell online and set up a Shopify dropshipping store. Content of the article As an introduction, and if you want to learn the basics of dropshipping, here are some resources that will be very useful to you: the complete guide to dropshipping , an article on Dropshipping France (suppliers, advice and strategy), our FAQ on dropshipping, to answer to all your questions.

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We hope this article has enlightened you on choosing a professional online bank for your business! Do you want to get into e-commerce without too much risk and quickly enough? The Shopify dropshipping store solution is for you. With drop shipping, you sell online without worrying about inventory and delivery. With Shopify, you create and manage your online store, with a powerful tool, hundreds of plugins to boost your sales and sites designed for dropshipping. Thanks to this article, you will be able to launch your business in less than an hour and within a few days or weeks, start making money online.

Which bank to choose? If you are looking for an e-commerce bank or online dropshipping bank, we advise you to be attentive to the number of transfers and direct debits included and to the movement commissions invoiced in the event of an overrun that can affect your commercial margin . Many entrepreneurs recommend the following options like a dropshipping bank or pro-e-commerce account: Qonto and Revolut. There you have it, you know everything about opening a professional account online, the different steps and the best offers on the market!

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