The way in which employees will interact with each other Sri-Lanka Phone Number List again in real life will be different due to all the safety measures. However, the working atmosphere and culture is important for your employees. This will largely determine why your employees like to work for your organization. So also invest in the new social. Cultural standards that arise in your Sri-Lanka Phone Number List organization as a result of the corona virus. Determine the tone of voice based on your communication goals and the content of your messages. Keep in mind that you are speaking to people, and this is an uncertain and scary time. Some employees will find it difficult to return to the workplace. Some may not dare at all.

Your Target Audience

Show that you are serious about the guidelines that apply in Sri-Lanka Phone Number List the Netherlands. Indicate that you are preparing measures and guidelines for your organization in response to information made available by government agencies. However, also show that Sri-Lanka Phone Number List your company culture does not have to suffer. Practice physical distancing, but stay socially connected . ‘Work’ will remain different for the time being When we can be physically present at our work locations again, it will be unclear for a while. However, one thing is certain: ‘work’ probably won’t be the same for a while.


Sri-Lanka Phone Number List

To provide support and clarity to employees, it is important that Sri-Lanka Phone Number List every company prepares as best as possible before the new normal really comes here. Ensure clear, transparent communication with employees: if there are fewer questions and uncertainties, the new normal will feel like ‘normal’ again just a little faster. As marketers we can organize all kinds of ‘beach Sri-Lanka Phone Number List clean-up’ and ‘trash run’ actions, but doesn’t it make more sense to solve the causes of these problems? Preventing our forests and oceans from being polluted? As long as we don’t get to the root of the problem, we’ll keep cleaning up and the bills will get higher. In this article I use the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to show the need for a holistic view for sustainable change. It would make more sense to revalue waste:

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