Abdel Belaroussi is director of the Mutuelle Générale commercial network and driven by strong convictions that successfully Iran Email List combine people and performance. In order to materialize the new commercial culture that it carries, respect and empowerment of its employees are essential in its eyes. This is how he succeeded in two years in transforming the mentalities, practices and commercial network of La Mutuelle Générale. You have been Director of the Commercial Network of La Mutuelle Générale for a little over 2 years, what were your main challenges? My roadmap is very clear; it consists in making operational the global transformation of the commercial network desired by our governance in order to adapt to the new market context. This led to a transformation of the organization, then a change in the commercial culture and finally an evolution of our sales and operational marketing tools.

Today we are opening a new cycle and wish to put in the spotlight the responsibility and the commercial autonomy by trusting the actors in the field. You have been working in the field of health insurance for more than 10 years. What major changes have affected your industry? For too long, we have considered that the life and health insurance business is the responsibility of experts, who are supposed to prescribe to companies often standardized and vertical solutions via players in the Professional Branches. Over the past three years, the sector has really evolved. Customers want to better understand the mechanics and expected benefits of social protection. They are now making the choice of specialists capable above all of providing them with personalized solutions, and willing to popularize the understanding of sectoral issues.

Do you describe yourself as an expert in “emotional management”? How does this translate concretely?

Finally, I am happy to see the insurance market returning to its fundamentals by rebuilding a more transparent customer relationship , strengthening trust Does the health sector require adjustments in your sales techniques? One of the major projects, quickly carried out, consisted in developing our sales protocols by leaving more room for emotional intelligence to increase confidence with our customers. In other words : In BtoB, we have improved the diagnostic phase thanks to an evaluation tool that allows the comparison of the company’s key indicators with those perceived in the professional activity sector to which it belongs. In BtoC, the sales interview is focused on the concern of our customers to nurture the multi-equipment approach.


An ambitious internal training program has supported this rise in skills. After a sequence dedicated to the overall appropriation of new sales methods, we deployed more personalized coaching sessions to successfully approach the sales interview in its new philosophy, which I can summarize in one word: AWARENESS. What good practices are you adopting to effectively drive your sales network? I strongly recommend the implementation of what I call “the operational lift”: constantly navigate between the field and the strategic vision, to choose the right options that allow, at the same time, to marry the emerging needs on the market and meet the requirements of the Mutuelle Générale project.

What qualities should a Sales Director have?

Do you describe yourself as an expert in “emotional management”? How does this translate concretely? It is indeed a real conviction. This simply means putting the time and importance accorded to men and numbers to the same level. In more detail, it is above all a matter of knowing how to give meaning to one’s teams so that they can get them on board around a development project. The result is astounding: increased sales performance and stronger links within the teams. To cope with changes in the profession, what skills should be developed for a salesperson today? Surely several! However, I would like to insist on an ancestral competence, and which nevertheless, must be the object of a work of continuous improvement…

It is about the reformulation of the customer need which follows the time of the diagnosis. A surgical reformulation of the need must necessarily be accompanied by a clear statement from our interlocutor and thus meet our duty to advise. What qualities should a Sales Director have? Becoming a sales manager is not a job but a vocation that aims to strive for commercial excellence. It is believing in the strength to sell and transmitting this belief to your team. Finally, it means having a taste for others and drawing inspiration from daily exchanges to develop one’s vision and approach. Dogmatism therefore has no place there … Finally, this interview having been carried out before the health crisis, what lessons do you draw from this period that we are going through?

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