The photo of Eric Woerth, in full rise, is a lot of talk on Twitter. What if this controversy ultimately turns out to be positive for the former minister? The photo of Eric Woerth, in full ascent of the Aiguille d’Argentière in the Mont-Blanc massif, is causing controversy. Just look at the photo, posted by the former minister on Twitter, to get the Namibia WhatsApp Number List that “something is wrong”: the rope, the zipper – and especially the people at the bottom right of the photo – do not seem to be really influenced by the universal law of gravity. Many Internet users made fun of Eric Woerth, believing that the photo had been tilted voluntarily. A shower of memes then fell on the social network: the silhouette of Eric Woerth was quickly cut out and applied to more or less funny situations .

The former minister was then “astonished that this simple photo aroused so many critical and ironic comments from Internet users ” , indicating that “ this image is true and without retouching ” and that “ the meaning of the photo is good ” . We will not discuss the authenticity of the photo, nor its inclination ( this article from Liberation clears Éric Woerth and explains why the photo seems faked ). A completely different reading of this “affair”, suggested by our colleague Marie Turcan, editor-in-chief of Numerama, deserves more attention. As these screenshots show, “the case of the faked photo of Eric Woerth” has largely replaced the other cases in which the name of Eric Woerth is cited, in particular the Tapie affair which has seen some twists and turns. mid-July .

The impact of this “affair” on Eric Woerth’s e-reputation

Note that the first screenshot does not really correspond to the results proposed by Google before the publication of the photo: it is the filtered search results according to the indexing date of the web pages (between August 1, 2018 and August 10, 2019). Marie Turcan rightly recalls that this “buzz” recalls that caused by Boris Johnson when he was obsessed with buses at the beginning of the summer. This theme had made it possible to renew the results obtained on Google on the Boris Johnson query, chasing at the same time some inglorious results. As early as 2013, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was touting the merits of this type of scheme to distract attention. At the time, the search results on the Boris Johnson query had been heavily influenced by this obsession with buses.


Since his accession to the post of Prime Minister, the news around Boris Johnson has intensified sharply. Very recent articles now monopolize the first pages of results on Google. The buses have disappeared. It is therefore difficult to say that his sudden obsession with buses had a medium or long term effect on Boris Johnson’s e-reputation. For Eric, it is clear that 24 hours after the publication of the photo, it still monopolizes the attention of Internet users. But what will the search results look like in a few weeks? According to several specialists, including Yannick, editor-in-chief of Paris Match, it is “the long papers that will come back” to take the first places in the ranking on the subject “Eric ”. We can indeed trust the algorithms of search engines on this point. Google assigns significant weight to the of content for facts relating to the news

Eric Woerth’s photo recalls Boris Johnson’s buses

Eric Woerth’s photo sparked a lot of discussion and triggered the writing of many articles (including this one), in a relatively calm summer context. We therefore understand why it is this news that goes back today on Google. The engine undoubtedly overvalues ​​the interest of this information, but this subject should, in the short or medium term, again give way to more serious news; whether it’s old and well-known feature articles, or news that is “hotter” and more important than a simple supposedly faked holiday photo. They are therefore doing everything to chew up the work at Google, by structuring their data … to the delight of the Mountain View firm. For users, Google is no longer an intermediary, it becomes the one who answers their questions directly. For example, it would be difficult for me to help a customer with fundamentally.


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