Big Data, everyone talks about it, but no one really knows what it is or what to do with it. Paradoxically, while this mass of data has never been greater, the notion of Big Data has never been so vague and elusive. Why you should consider setting up a Facebook group for your brand? We will explain everything to you. Differentiate between Facebook Pages and Groups. This column is brought to you by Nicolas founder of and expert in social media marketing. The extent of the Internet and social networks affects many sectors, including the wine industry. Professionals in the sector, whether they are winegrowers, winegrowers, wine merchants or merchants, have everything to gain by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Web. At each stage of the customer journey, French consumers today have the “Internet reflex”. From researching information to purchasing, practices have evolved a lot.

The French are increasingly interested in the world of wine. 30% of them even say they are very interested. They are also aware that this area requires a minimum of knowledge to be able to appreciate the wine at its true value. Also, the purchase of a wine is very often preceded by a phase of information research. If they ask advice first to their surroundings Venezuela Phone Number List wine professionals before buying, internet arrives in 3 position of the consulted sources. It is even a very influential source of information on the purchase decision. In restaurants, for example, 7% of French people find out about a wine via their mobile before making their choice, this figure rises to 14% among 26-34 year. Attract and engage wine consumers The omnipresence of social networks is such that they play a key role in the purchasing journey of wine consumers.

Your SEO Hero Costume

And like Iron Man, you are a fan of new technologies. Knowledge of basic programming languages ​​HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, You know how to use several CMS such as WordPress, Magento, You master Google Analytics You know the basics of natural referencing You have knowledge of the use of tools dedicated to the world of SEO: Majestic SEO, Google tools, etc. Your secret identity: As an SEO Hero you have: A desire to learn the world of SEO And just as a superhero, you have these qualities: Fluency in spelling and grammar required Be proactive Enjoy teamwork alongside other Avengers. The Squad agency: is a digital marketing agency specializing in traffic acquisition and analysis, located in Petit (near Rouen) where we are impatiently awaiting you. Come on, we’re good! Location of the mission: It is neither Metropolis nor Gotham City, but Petit.


Yep, even superheroes help each other. Team spirit of an SEO Hero Your mission as SEO Hero: Attached to the technical director of the agency, the director of SHIELD Nick Fury, you will be in charge of natural referencing. Because with great power comes great responsibility, you will be responsible for: Carrying out technical, lexical and competitive audits; Direct implementation of SEO optimizations on our clients’ sites; Optimization of the content (text, video and image) of our clients’ sites; Monitor the results and the progress of the recommendations recommended during your audit; Management of a customer portfolio; The production of advanced reports; Measure and analyze traffic with Google Analytics. Your SEO Hero Superpowers: Like any self-respecting superhero, you have formidable weapons to help our customers. We grant you, at first glance it does not really make you dream. But here are our two arguments.

The Powertrafic Squad Agency

Today, it represents a real competitive advantage for brands that lend themselves to the game, especially in the tourism or real estate sector , where users’ expectations in terms of visuals exceed all others! As a brand, it is your responsibility to spot trends to exploit before they become outdated and change! We must meet the expectations of users before they even have the idea, and offer them, and on social networks, and everywhere else, a unique experience. These three trends may be the ones emerging on social media for now, but who knows what 2017 will bring? Do you want to embark on a campaign as innovative as it is impactful on social networks ? Do not hesitate to contact us , it is our specialty: our experts in social media strategy will undoubtedly know how to identify your audience and meet the expectations of your customers.

This change affects brands in such a way that they no longer need to seek to allocate equal budgets on each platform: with each network taking on the characteristics of another, companies can now seek to dig deeper into one service. one in particular, using their previous results – is my community more engaged in Twitter or Facebook lives? Integration of virtual reality Virtual reality is a subject very much discussed in marketing trends, and it must be said that social networks have started to do it: Facebook has very recently launched a 360 ° app , in which it is possible to navigate among the functionalities at the using a specific helmet. Similarly, Snapchat launched its Spectacles , sunglasses connected to its smartphone, and capable of recording photos and videos with one click. Virtual reality allows all sectors to offer its audience innovative and interactive content .

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