With its Academy, PrestaShop supports merchants and more technical profiles who wish to progress successfully in e-commerce. The PrestaShop Academy offers a wide range of certifying programs , offered online or in person in Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List French cities: Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris, Rennes and Toulouse. Note that face-to-face sessions are limited to a maximum of 8 people. The academy is made up of 3 poles: Training Coordinated course School training The latter allows tech and business schools to offer an e-commerce course to their students. The program is tailor-made and adapts to the needs of students and schools. A PrestaShop certification is issued to students at the end of their course. “User” and “technical” training, for all levels and adapted to specific needs User training

For web merchants, user training allows participants to learn about the platform so that they can develop their turnover on the web. Each training, whether online or face-to-face, is provided by PrestaShop experts and results in a certification that guarantees the skills acquired. There are 2 types of levels: Level 1 user : aimed at beginners who want to create their online store and discover the many features of the platform to quickly improve the performance of their e-commerce site. User Level 2 : for intermediate profiles, whose objective is to highlight their store thanks to the functionalities, customization modules and marketing tools offered by PrestaShop. SEO training is also provided to teach those who want it the basic rules of natural referencing, in order to make their store more visible on the Internet. Technical training

“user” And “technical” Training, For All Levels And Adapted To Specific Needs

These programs work on the same principle as those of the users but are aimed at an audience of integrators and developers. Here again, 3 training courses are offered, which apply to version 1.7 of PrestaShop: Integrator 1.7 : allows you to learn how to modify a theme, create a new one in the software, as well as integrate a module into a theme. Front-office 1.7 Developer : aims to allow participants to modify or develop a new theme, as well as new modules in order to add them in a theme. Back-office 1.7 Developer : whose objective is to transmit the necessary knowledge in order to configure and modify the back-office of PrestaShop. Other developer training is also offered online, more advanced and oriented on the Symfony framework. Are you interested in training? An audit of your store?


A conference on mobile, a workshop on design or SEO? See you next June 4 at PSD Paris organized by PrestaShop at Palais Brongniart. Use Promo Code PSDPARIS50BLOGM and get 50% off. A multidisciplinary course of 16 courses over 25 days, which leads to certification The PrestaShop Academy also offers a “Digital Pro Cursus”, which is aimed at professionals and allows in 25 days to learn all the tricks necessary to launch an online activity. On the program, 16 courses that cover all areas not to be overlooked: E-commerce : to be able to do market research, learn the basics of online commerce (trends, logistics, electronic payment, etc.) and the legal environment (RGPD, Hamon law, etc.) as part of the launch of ‘an online store. Presta Shop

A Multidisciplinary Course Of 16 Courses Over 25 Days, Which Leads To Certification

A tailor-made training module on the creation of an e-commerce store (implementation of the software, marketing tools, use of functionalities and modules, etc.) with specialized coaching sessions to benefit from expert advice . Natural and paid referencing : in order to take control of the necessary tools that allow you to properly reference your store and be at the top of search engines (SEO, Adwords, traffic monitoring, etc.). Communication : to learn how to communicate via social networks, create a community, bring in future customers, transform visitors into prospects, and interact between your site and your community. Webmarketing: in order to discover the tools necessary for the implementation of a marketing strategy (social media advertising strategy, results analysis, e-commerce performance levers, etc.) Once all the concepts have been covered, the training leads to a PrestaShop certification which allows you to validate all the knowledge acquired.

This certification takes place as a timed exam during which candidates must answer a series of random questions. Each participant then gets a certified certificate with a unique identifier, which can also be shared on social networks like LinkedIn or Twitter. Google experienced new indexing bugs last week, when the search engine multiplied the problems of this type in April ( deindexing of pages for no reason then indexing bugs ). This time, it is the new content of many websites that were no longer (or hardly) indexed by the Mountain View giant. After a first fix on Friday, Google officially announced the end of the problem on Sunday. According to Danny Sullivan, a communications employee for the firm, this would be a different bug from the one that was noticed earlier in the week.


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