However, the latter favor the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) format launched by Google more than that of the Progressive Web Apps. Both aim to improve the user experience by reducing the loading time of pages on mobile. If in both cases, they make it possible to decrease the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate, Google puts forward an additional argument to encourage the media to switch to AMP format, an SEO argument. AMP articles would, in fact, have priority over others in Google News. After refusing for some time to switch to the AMP format as long as “the audience [was not] counted for the publishers”, explained Emmanuel Alix, director of the digital division of at the JDN is now available in this format. And more recently, the mobile site has become a Progressive Web App. A first for a French media!

The Progressive Web App is therefore designed like a website (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) but behaves like a mobile application (Icon on the mobile home screen, offline loading, full screen display, etc.). The team switches to the Progressive Web App In addition to being an iconic sports newspaper and television channel is also a successful online medium. According to Bahamas Phone Numbers List latest figures has 2.6 million unique visitors daily, 1.6 million of which are only from a mobile. And the numbers on mobile are steadily increasing. To guarantee a better user experience on mobile has just unveiled its brand new mobile site, a site developed as a Progressive Web App. In France, it is the first media to launch a site in this format. In the United States, several media have already adopted the PWA. This is for example the case with Forbes, the Financial Times or the Washington Post.

Reminder on the Progressive Web App

The Progressive Web App (PWA) is struggling to reach France. This format, designed for the mobile web, is particularly suited to online media. Reminder on the Progressive Web App We already told you about it in this article , the Progressive Web App (PWA) is a hybrid solution between a native mobile application and a Responsive website. It integrates the best techniques of the Web while taking again the functionalities of the native applications. What does Progressive Web App look like? On the L’É site, via a mobile web browser, the user is offered to test the new version of the mobile site. Progressive Web App: 1st French media to adopt the PWA By accepting, the user switches from the mobile site to the Progressive Web App, the two interfaces of which you can see below (screenshots 1 and 2).


Mobile site and Progressive Web App Mobile site Progressive Web App: 1st French media to adopt the PWA Progressive Web App Progressive Web App: 1st French media to adopt the PWA Mobile application The interface of the Progressive Web App takes on the features of the mobile application as well as certain features such as use in offline mode, the creation of an icon on the home screen of your mobile and a very fast loading time. See how the two formats are very similar above (screenshots 2 and 3) and below (screenshot 5). Progressive Web App: 1st French media to adopt the PWA Notification of request to add favicon Progressive Web App: 1st French media to adopt the PWA On the left, it’s the Progressive Web App favicon; on the right, it is the icon of the mobile application.

What does L’Équipe’s Progressive Web App look like?

So why prefer the Progressive Web App if you already have the mobile app, you might say. Well, because, unlike the mobile app, the Progressive Web App doesn’t take up space on your phone. Instead of going to a download platform (App Store, Play Store, etc.), all you have to do is go to a Web browser to download the Progressive Web App, and the download is instantaneous. Conclusion If the advantages are numerous for the user, they are also for professionals. The Team recognizes that the budget allocated to the creation of the Progressive Web App was certainly more important than a redesign of a mobile website. But this investment will quickly pay off. The next updates will, in fact, be modeled on those of the mobile application. In addition, the PWA promotes open, engagement, click-through and conversion rates, while helping to decrease bounce rate.

So, are you convinced by Progressive Web Apps? Do not hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments. Google is constantly developing tools to improve the visibility and notoriety of professionals. Google My Business gets a makeover with Google Posts, chat and a new interface! Thus, if you have several groups, you can suggest them to join. The payment announced for the end of 2017 It was announced, it will arrive by the end of the year. The payment between individuals is already deployed in the United States, the launch in France is planned for soon according to the statements of David Marcus , the person in charge of Messenger. But that’s not what interests you the most. Professionals will also be able to integrate payment into their Chatbot Messenger, which suggests great business opportunities. Your Facebook strategy is likely to veer on Messenger.

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