Commercial prospecting is a more subtle Papua New Guinea Email List science than you might think. From converting prospect to customer to building long-term loyalty, nothing should be overlooked. Find out how to optimize your business prospecting . The goal ? New customers! Know-how is essential to boost sales. Of course, this is the obvious. However, the success of commercial prospecting depends as much on the organization of the company as on the set of skills of the sales force. It is a subtle mix of the two. A know-how between human and digital All this supposes a base of varied skills, both technical and relational. Indeed, effective prospecting cannot do without a digital layer. Among the multitude of solutions on the market, we could cite CRM, which centralizes all customer portfolio data,

While the digital aspect is becoming increasingly important, tools remain tools. They do not hold a magical power capable of reaching KING in a snap. It would be a shame to abandon the human. Salespeople have strengths up their sleeves such as negotiating skills or organizational skills. They benefit from their knowledge of the field in order to identify targets, find the means to interest them and contact them. These are essential qualities, all the more so as sales cycles lengthen, decision-making circuits become more complex and include an ever-increasing number of decision-makers. For quality relationships! In addition, interpersonal skills are essential to attract future customers. It is characterized by a quality relationship through which the company’s culture is conveyed.

And Long Live The User-Centric Approach!

Moreover, this know-how can be formalized through a charter serving as a guideline for employees. Indeed, it is a question of clearly defining the values ​​and the commitments of the company. It’s up to salespeople to adopt and adapt them. The goal? Meet the expectations and requirements of the targets. For example, when launching a new offer, every feature, every detail of a product or service must be fully understood by the people likely to sell it. A good perception of the product and the company remains a major factor of success since ” we sell better what we like “. A sales force that is based on convictions, persuasion and a sense of empathy will be more efficient. Adaptability, stress management , good interpersonal skills,


These skills are part of the set of interpersonal skills that contribute to a climate of trust giving the possibility of transforming prospects into customers. And long live the user-centric approach! Beyond the first contact, the sales organization plays an essential role in the loyalty of new customers. It must prepare it by anticipating the needs of prospects rather than reacting to their requests or – worse – their complaints. Good knowledge not only optimizes the user experience , but also adopts a loyalty strategy from the start of the relationship. Whatever the methods of commercial prospecting, it is essential to choose an approach centred on the needs, questions and specificities of prospects (companies as well as individuals). Published in 2016, the Deloitte

For Quality Relationships!

study on the competitiveness of French companies is very clear on the subject: changes in customer expectations and behavior are at the heart of strategic issues for 42% of managers. This is why it is essential to follow market developments. Following the analysis of this sector watch, it will be necessary to adapt the commercial actions to the real needs while preventing potential objections. Yes, that requires a certain know-how. And know-how! Find the Deloitte study on the competitiveness of French companies by clicking here. or social-selling, which promotes the development of sales on social networks. taking initiative are the skills that can make the difference for equal value.

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