Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish girl, produced a simple and powerful speech on the climate issue on January 25 in Davos. Since then, young Russian Federation Email List people around the world have been mobilizing each week on the subject. What is the function of public speaking? It is self-expression, interaction and invites to action. She is reason , emotions, ethics. The project leader will convince, explain the objectives to be achieved, define the necessary means, unite and elicit the support of the greatest number. Speaking is thus an act of communication that creates collaboration and strengthens trust within teams. Is it easy to speak up? “According to a study, the number 1 fear of people is public speaking, the number 2 fear is death.

Does that mean that if you are going to a funeral, it is better to be in the coffin than to say the funeral oration? ! ” Jerry Seinfeld Certainly not! The reasons are multiple: fear of the gaze of others, of their evaluation, lack of experience, lack of self-confidence … Communication skills are built step by step. Charisma is acquired little by little by taking its place in front of others. How to create a living, embodied speech? Prepare it. It is a question of being AUTHOR (E), of a communication content which makes sense for the interlocutors because ” only matters what the other will understand “. A matrix in 4 key questions (the TOPP) sets out the guiding framework:

How to perform in oral expression?

Theme, context (what are we talking about?) Objective and challenges (What do my audience want to know or do at the end of my speech and to gain what?) Audience (who is he, what needs, expectations?) Plan: This is the development of your speaking in 3 phases: Capture attention : Determine a key message : “a sentence” “a number” “a highlight” which represents the heart of your presentation: ex. : “ Our house is on fire ” (G. Thenberg) , or a question related to your key message “ What do you think of… ”. Then present the theme and objective of the meeting. Captivate : Create a coherent sequential frame such as : What, Who, How, How much, Where, When, Why (whatever the order). Depending on the speaking time , choose the number of sequences, then


Support your framework with arguments (figures, examples, metaphor…) to gain credibility. Conclude 4. Repeat your key message: eg. “ I want you to act like the house is on fire. Because it is ” ( Thenberg) . Below is an example of a professional presentation prepared in the form of a Mind Card. It constitutes an excellent document-visual support for a speaker. It offers a global view with the keywords of your intervention and the possible interactions. It allows you to better know and memorize your oral content. It is traced by hand. In summary : Depending on the objective and the audience, define the key message, the conclusion and the structure of the speech in the allotted time.

How to create a living, embodied speech?

How to perform in oral expression? Become an ACTOR of your living and embodied speech. Speaking engages the whole body and mind. Like any athlete before his performance, take the time (8 seconds) to concentrate and take control of the situation. Three points of attention allow you to manage your emotional state: body posture, breathing, the projection of your voice. Standing : the feet are anchored and stable on the ground, bust straight. “The gesture goes, the word follows and sometimes the thought comes.” E. Herriot . Join your hands loosely at the height of the diaphragm, they will naturally start to move to support your words. Seated : the bust remains straight and the hands are placed on the table, they will accompany your speech.

Is stage fright our friend? Yes. We are expressing ourselves in the present tense and we do not have the opportunity to start again so It is legitimate that it manifests. Keep in a percentage so that it becomes an energy in the service of the speech. It is enough to regulate it by breathing and it will drop by 50%: Breathe out (discreetly!) To release tension, then take a light breath before speaking. P ensez in positive terms , visualize a scenario of success. The brain is able to generate mental images and anticipate the elements of a strongly imagined scene. It reflects your commitment, your determination, your internal emotional state . Increase the volume of your voice at the beginning of each sentence. Make silences : take the time to speak, slow down your speaking speed to contain your stage fright.

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