With a varied experience covering all marketing issues, Edith Taillart, Head of Marketing, new business, channel & customers of Euler  Indonesia Email List Hermes France, shares best practices and methods with us to become efficient. His conviction? Always question yourself. You hold a position that covers several issues within Euler Hermes France: Head of Marketing, new business, channel & customers. What are your main missions and what have been your challenges since taking office 3 years ago? • I am in charge of operational and digital marketing. Moreover, separating “operational” and “digital” no longer makes any sense today, digital is everywhere, including where we don’t expect it.

My scope is wide. It extends from acquisition to loyalty, including sales promotion and support for digital products. I also had to manage the rest of the marketing entity. My main challenge was both very simple and very complicated: to demonstrate, in a company that is largely a leader in a mature market and with expertise long built without marketing, that digital could be a real source of business. Faced with this comprehensive approach to marketing (strategy, product, customers, conquest & sales promotion, etc.), how do you manage to stay the course and coordinate objectives that may differ? It is true that the many initiatives carried out can sometimes appear contradictory. We must therefore constantly ensure that one initiative does not cannibalize another.

What about the marketing director?

The absolute rule is simple: always ask yourself the question of “why”: “Why are we doing things?” “. To answer them, we must also keep in mind the 2 other key questions: Is it good for our customers? Is it good for the business? One does not go without the other, otherwise, it means that we have too short a view. In charge of leading the acceleration of your company’s digital marketing in a sector often perceived as quite traditional in its marketing practices, what state of mind to adopt and what skills to mobilize to succeed in your mission? The priority is above all not to oppose the traditional and the digital. Digital feeds on the experience acquired in a more traditional way. To use a term in vogue, it is in “growth hacker” of marketing that we must now position ourselves.


This vision allows rapidity and depth of actions in order to cover the field of possibilities of what was not done, until then, or carried out on a small scale. This is why it is essential to mix business experts and digital experts to form a successful team. Digital marketing: + 300% turnover in 2 years, 94% customer support for your new digital customer services… Since your arrival, you have launched numerous innovative projects and received very positive business and customer feedback. What are the keys to such success? How to deploy an efficient and dynamic digital strategy? The key is, first and foremost, to have a team that is willing to follow you and engage with you. These results were obtained without an additional budget, and by an iso-resource team. When, from my first year, the objective was to double the turnover from digital, few people were convinced…

What are the best practices to adopt to follow and adapt to new technological innovations that emerge regularly?

And yet! You have to know how to convince but also listen a lot … Indeed, although a novice on the subject of credit insurance, my knowledge of digital and the BtoB sales cycles of our targets have legitimized me. Finally, the operated Quickwins quickly paid off. Proving by numbers: nothing like this to interest! What are the best practices to adopt to follow and adapt to new technological innovations that emerge regularly? I try to be curious, “ open-minded ” and to work in “test & learn”. You have to accept testing and sometimes making mistakes. On the other hand, working within a large group does not mean that you only collaborate with big players. On the contrary, small partners have often amazed me. However, this supposes meeting them.

Thus, events, such as “BtoB speed dating” interest me much more than the commercial emails which flood my mailbox. I also maintain this openness thanks to social networks which are a precious source of inspiration. To cope with changes in the profession, what skills should be developed for a marketer today? What qualities should a Marketing Director have? Today’s marketer must have the same qualities as yesterday. It’s a 5-legged sheep! He must be : comfortable with data , driven by performance and at the same time in strong empathy with its targets to better understand them and therefore better speak to them. This requires a strong rigor, an analytical mind but also a lot of sensitivity and creativity to “feel” what will work.

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