You offer customers the opportunity to consciously take Uruguay Phone Number List actions based on knowledge. Actions that match their wishes and needs. Also read: In 6 questions about strong communication (means) Step 1. Arouse Interest Interest the (potential) customer in your product or service. A logical start, right? This step is challenging and not easy. Certainly with financial products Uruguay Phone Number List such as pensions, because people are not interested. How do you get attention in a world in which we see about 300 to 1,000 advertisements a day? The right mix of personal and targeted marketing and communication helps with this. Commercials on TV and large campaigns are clear advertising examples.

A Participation

But there is not always the budget for them and aimed at ‘the large Uruguay Phone Number List group’. One of the options for starting smaller and having an impact is to respond to current events. This means that you come into the picture at the right time for the customer, in a personal (and playful) way and thereby respond to something that the customer is experiencing. For example, by Uruguay Phone Number List using event-driven marketing on life events . These are moments where clients, in my field, can start thinking about later. Experimenting in your communication with customers is a way that helps with this. This way you automatically learn which actions work best within the customer journeys and life events of your customer groups.

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Life events are, for example, a marriage, having a child or a salary Uruguay Phone Number List increase. Then the customer data must of course be in order. A salary increase creates (possibly) financial scope to invest extra for later. Responding to this with a wink (even when it comes to retirement) can be a good way to spark interest. Or surprise customers with an email that is slightly different Uruguay Phone Number List from what they are used to. “Great, such a salary increase. Now is a good time to treat yourself to a delicious dinner or gift. Are you thinking about later next month? If you can spare the little extra money, we are happy to help you build up a nice pension pot. But for now, enjoy this extra.