A question that comes up often during meetings with prospects is: “My site is new and I don’t see many visitors. How long will it take to see SEO results? ” Whether Cameroon Phone Number List you have 200-500-5000 words in your article, the one who writes an article answering the Internet user’s question the easiest, fastest and most pleasantly will be the one with the highest ranking .

When you spend time and effort to rank your site at the top of the search engines, you are anxious, you have questions, you want to see fast resultsHow long does SEO take?SEO was easy
SEO was easy a few years ago. All you had to do was follow a few steps and your site would propel itself to the top Google results in just 2-3 months . But now SEO has become very competitive . There are millions, see billions of blogs on the internet as well as an even greater number of sites. So when you combine all of that, it tells you why SEO has become so competitive. From now on, Google has a wide choice available to it and must choose which site to place at the top of its results .

How SEO Has Changed: Keyword Research

This is one of the biggest changes. The keywords were far from very competitive . Nowadays, there are thousands if not millions of websites created every day. As of January 1, 2020 alone, there were almost 2 billion websites created, which makes for competition. Before, you could easily focus on 5-6 see 10 keywords and those would get you the majority of your traffic. Companies used to focus on small groups of generic keywords and could see good results. But now the reality is very different. Some sites have a list of 50, 100 or even more keywords depending on the size of the site.Each page should at least have a specific keyword although in reality some pages may contain 3-4-5 keywords .


Another point that has changed is the content. Before, you could just write an article with a number of keywords and Google would rank you in the top results. The more you include the keyword on a page, the more you show that you know the topic, the better you will rank. We call it keyword density. It wasn’t necessarily working well for internet users, and Google no longer values ​​keyword density the way it used to. Google’s algorithms got smarter, they changed their expectations. They no longer crawl a site based on the number of keywords on the pages that can ruin the user experience. Google has made big changes to improve the quality of sites at the top of the results. So now when you write content, it’s no longer about keywording as often as possible . Of course, what Google will be able to identify will be on the page as well as its synonyms, but Google’s number one priority will be to provide access to very high quality content while keeping the search expression in mind .

How SEO Has Changed: Content

When something is typed into the Google search bar, it’s usually a question. Maybe not a question with a question mark, but when someone does a search they are looking for an answer to their question or problem. And if your page can answer that query, you have a chance to appear . If not, you will be less likely to appear and there is no point in keyword stuffing your pages. Writing a really long article and stuffing it with keywords is also unnecessary . Yes, everyone says that Google loves long content, but it’s not just about the number of words in an article but rather about proposing a solution to a problem and this, as quickly as possible.!

So how long do I have to wait before I rank well on Google? The answer is: it depends . I know this answer can be frustrating. According to Forbes and many experts, the average time to see progress is 6 months . However, because there are so many factors influencing SEO, there is no definitive, generalized answer . Every industry is different, it’s easier to rank a site for a lead in a small town than car insurance for an entire country.


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