Rozenn Nardin, professional experienced in the creation and deployment of listening to media and social networks, gives you some advice to help Guam Email Lists you choose and launch your social media intelligence project with a trusted partner. There are 4 lines of questioning and arbitration that you can mobilize to challenge your service providers beyond technological and budgetary issues. 1-Evaluate the field of study and the project team in social media intelligence The first thing is to use your common sense to get a first overview of what the proposals you have in your hands are worth . You don’t need to be an expert in social media listening to feel the weaknesses or conversely the robustness of the social media intelligence study that is offered to you. Although digital with a strong technological dimension,

the field of study is no less than a body of collected data that we suggest you look at, analyze in a certain way. This is an aspect that is challengeable by everyone, regardless of their level of experience as a sponsor of social media intelligence studies. Here are some basic questions to ask yourself when judging a proposal from this perspective: What is collected, what do we watch? Is it reproducible? What framework of thought is used when it comes to analyzing emotions, feelings, images, speeches relating to mental representations or customer satisfaction? What is the degree of digital literacy of the teams? Because after all, data doesn’t come out of nowhere, it is already, often, almost shaped by listening tools and social platforms. Without digital culture,

2-estimate The Understanding Of Your Need For Social Media Intelligence

the exercise is more than perilous We will also add that before you decide, you must ask to speak to those who will be your real interlocutors tomorrow . It was a client who once told me about it during the defense of a call for tenders. She was surprised at the absence of the operational teams who would accompany her. It certainly had in front of it all the guarantees of reinsurance (financial, hyper senior expertise) but we had not brought with us the operational profiles that would be on the bridge on a daily basis. She wanted to see who she would have to collaborate with. Such a legitimate request! Asking to see the whole team is the best way to be sure to see how the collaboration works from the first meeting (most often with a sales representative and a director / consulting director) up to the studies or watch manager


who is clearly much more junior and who alone will not be able to mobilize all the expertise that you will have been given to you when you first make contact. 2-Estimate the understanding of your need for social media intelligence Second criterion which remains true because social media intelligence falls within the scope of marketing and opinion studies: understanding your needs is essential, and the way to respond to them must be adapted and justified . When we scratch a little under the varnish of the discourse on the proposed research design, we see that the indicators chosen in social media intelligence are too often linked to a difficulty in forcing the tool to do the study, and to the ”

1-evaluate The Field Of Study And The Project Team In Social Media Intelligence

ease ”suddenly automating as much as possible. And yes ! If there is one thing you should always keep in mind, it is that we are trying to coerce a tool that is often sized to do something other than what is asked of it in social media intelligence . The human intervention to work on the creation of indicators that are genuinely useful to the needs of the customers is actually very important. What is sold most of the time is an inexpensive listening device, with simplified implementation and with mobilized skills which are more the responsibility of consultants in digital performance measurement or data scientists.. Two very good jobs, by the way, but not quite the ideal profile to find the marketing levers of tomorrow and understand all the complexity of the consumer.

If, moreover, you have already had certain reports of social media intelligence in your hands, it is sometimes crying to see that in-depth qualitative analysis is confused with the quali reading of quantitative indicators, or that the “what to do” with the results is missing. So don’t hesitate to ask to see sample reports, especially the one that you are told has been particularly popular with customers. Sometimes this is enough to realize the level of quality that awaits you. Keep in mind that the justification for angling the social media intelligence proposal in such and such a way must be justified, not by camouflaging the methodological difficulties caused by the use of very imperfect monitoring tools, but indeed because in order to respond to your needs. needs, the proposed indicators are the most appropriate.

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