Discover the advice of Dan Gomplewicz, co-founder of ARMIS, previously Director of Strategy and Innovation at E Leclerc. The opportunity to draw Serbia Consumer Email List inspiration from his vision of retail in the age of omnichannel. Dan Gomplewicz, co-founder of ARMIS, previously Director of Strategy and Innovation at E Leclerc, shares his advice and his vision of retail in the age of omnichannel. Geomarketing, loyalty… the challenges are numerous but the benefits too great to be ignored. Our goal at ARMIS is to enable traditional retailers to effectively compete with pureplayers on digital, and to know how to adapt it to strengthen stores. Our Multilocal Advertising technology is a tailor-made tool to support retail brands in their digital transition by following an ROIste logic.

The “challenge” question What are the challenges of omnichannel marketing and geomarketing? What are the benefits for marketers? Omnichannel marketing is a challenge that retailers must overcome as part of their loyalty strategy. This is a key issue that ties in with the dimension of geomarketing (a marketing technique that takes into account the geographical context) which will allow stores to renew the link that united them with their local customers before the emergence of e- trade. Indeed, according to the 2019 Armis and Harris interactive barometer, 55% of French people have visited the store in the past 3 months to take advantage of a promotion. However, 72% of French people expect the digital distribution of promotion to replace paper permanently. They are even 70% to qualify the paper prospectus as “simple waste”.

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The benefits of omnichannel and geomarketing are therefore obvious. Marketers must integrate these issues in order to successfully negotiate the digitalization shift that the retail world has been taking in recent years. The “solution” question How do you help them meet the challenges of omnichannel and geomarketing? ARMIS technology allows each store of a brand to communicate effectively with its local customers. Our device is adaptable to all types of commercial operations and maximizes advertising investment thanks to the optimization made possible by our artificial intelligence FLAI (Fast Learning AI). Thanks to FLAI, stores communicate in their own name on the internet across their entire digital catchment area by targeting the most relevant consumer via the best message


and at the most auspicious time of the day across all platforms and devices. Real gains are to be hoped for with such an approach since local optimization and digital targeting of its catchment area cost 2 to 3 times less than a promotion by paper catalog. The “indispensable” question What are the key skills of the marketer of tomorrow? Today, the marketer must be digital. His curiosity and his appetite for technology are essential assets. Then a business vision and a good sense of store reality is a plus that has served me all my life, especially being in the field for 2 years. The “unique” question Why you more than another? What’s your little extra? David and I founded ARMIS on a common understanding which was that the traditional prospectus had to be challenged. Thanks to our respective expertise in programmatic

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purchasing and retail , we have built a technology that wishes to be 100% in the DNA of tomorrow’s retail . 3 years ago, this was not possible, the platforms had not yet evolved. We are the right team, at the right time. The “inspiring” question A model, a source of inspiration, a brand with which you dream of collaborating? WallMart dreams of competing with Amazon and invests hundreds of millions in the e-commerce brick . Just like the French retailers that we manage to convince that the digital battle is more fought in stores, we, therefore, hope one day to allow the world’s largest retailer to compete on another ground against Amazon. Do you want to place geomarketing at the heart of your strategy and animate and boost your customer journeys ? Discover the New Retail training : revolutionizing physical commerce .



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