It’s not always easy to find inspiration to create a landing page. But that was before SaaS Pages. The service collects the best designs and content from SaaS services. A real gold mine ! SaaS Pages is one of those little services to bookmark if you lack inspiration, or to give some leads to the teams in Norway WhatsApp Number List of creating landing pages. It gives hundreds of examples of “blocks” that we find all the time in landing pages: pricing, team, customers, functionalities… All the main “functionalities” of landing pages are therefore listed and referenced by the service. For each type of content, you have access to advice and best practices, and above all, to the best examples implemented by great brands: Adobe, Hootsuite, Algolia, Monday, Marketo, Salesforce, Sendinblue, Shopify, Slack … The number of pages identified by SaaS Pages is impressive… The selection work is really important.

The service is obviously completely free and is really very useful to see examples of successful content. To access It’s not always easy to find inspiration to send promotional emails to customers or prospects. To make things easier for you, whether in form or in substance, here is a real nugget: Really Good Emails. The site references thousands of email templates with the HTML codes for each template. Essential. Really Good Emails is a selection of 4200 email marketing templates. They are classified by categories: cart abandonment, engagement, discovery, thank you, download, acquisition, anniversary, registration, promotion, product launch… Concretely, the site references all the needs of professionals who have emailing problems. The great strength of the platform is that it presents thousands of designs, content, but also codes. Indeed, for each selected template, you also have access to the HTML code of the email.

The Service Collects The Best Designs And Content Saas

So ideal for understanding how emails are integrated, and how to draw inspiration from these models. The site is completely free and has an incredibly comprehensive list of models to draw inspiration from. We appreciate the diversity of the brands represented, and the number of subjects explored. Whether you are a big player in e-commerce, a media, or a B2B start-up, you will find all your happiness on the site. To put immediately in his favorites! To access it, go to this link . Spending on internet advertising will account for more than half of global ad spend (52%) in 2021. But it will also register its slowest growth. According to the report by Publicis Media’s Zenith agency, internet advertising now accounts for 47% of global spending, up 44% from last year.


However, the growth rate of the internet advertising market is expected to decline to 12% this year and then to 9% by 2021, from 17% in 2018, due to the maturing of the market. Paid search, which accounted for 37% of internet advertising spending and increased 11% last year, is expected to drop to a growth rate of 7% by 2021. The growing popularity of search is at stake. voice, which is not yet fully monetized, and the decline in the ranking of paid ads. Internet advertising remains a very flourishing market But never mind, online advertising still has a bright future. It is fueled in particular by online video and social media, which are themselves driven by faster and better internet connections, stronger ad targeting and more powerful mobile devices.

Saas Pages Is One Of Those Little Services To Bookmark If You Lack Inspiration

The report notes that much of the current growth is driven by small, local businesses that focus on Google and Facebook ads, due to their reach, target audiences, and free, easy-to-use tools. Globally, small advertisers spend almost all of their advertising budgets online, but large advertisers spend less than half of their advertising budgets on digital. The challenge for the market will therefore be to convince the big advertisers to invest more in these channels, despite the reluctance of the latter in the face of the various scandals that have plagued the biggest players: Cambridge Analytica for Facebook, advertisements associated with videos at problematic content on YouTube, fake news etc. As for other media, cinema can also represent strong competition.

Although it only accounts for 0.8% of total advertising spend, the 7th art is growing by 12% per year, mainly due to the boom in popularity of cinema in China. In the United States, the Hollywood industry is experiencing a new golden age with Marvel and Disney productions. Box office records are exploding, attendance in theaters is increasing and advertisers are taking advantage of this windfall to profit from it. The Mediakix agency and the Klear tool specializing in influence marketing have carried out studies on the remuneration of influencers in the United States and the challenges of the sector. According to the study carried out by Klear, there are 4 types of influencers: Nano influencer (between 500 and 5000 subscribers) Micro influencer Power influencer Celebrity (more than 500,000 subscribers) YouTube is the platform where influencers are paid the most.

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