According to a Nielsen study, only a third of consumers now trust traditional media ads. Conversely, nearly 9 out of 10 consumers consult customer Mali Email List reviews on the Internet before making a purchase. The difference is all the more important since, among these consumers, 68% trust these opinions , even written by strangers. Faced with the loss of effectiveness of traditional promotion levers, it seems essential to strengthen the proximity and the link with its customers. Building customer loyalty by gaining their trust is imperative in recruiting ambassadors in order to eventually acquire new customers, convinced by this powerful marketing engine. Membership and Commitment: a subtle strategy

Gain customer trust The key to a lasting relationship with its customers is trust. This solid base will allow you to transform them into future ambassadors. And those who are already your ambassadors will be able to testify to the confidence they have in you. Sephora: Beauty Talk The enormous success of Sephora’s Beauty Talk forum is the result of a relationship of trust, on an equal footing with its brand. With its millions of discussions, the site devoted to makeup and beauty, lets the consumer speak up, without fear of interference from the brand. A space with multiple interests for Sephora: disinterested image, listening to customers, knowledge of trends, retention of consumers …

Membership And Commitment: A Subtle Strategy

Transmit your values Customer engagement is reinforced by the notion of brand attachment . It then becomes very important to create an emotional relationship between you and your customers and to transmit the values ​​that you claim within your company. Veuve Clicquot: The Veuve Clicquot Tales This new podcast from the famous champagne house is an original bias in the luxury industry, usually rather laconic. This hearing series traces the history of the brand with the yellow-orange label through the life of Madame Clicquot, its founder. An atypical lever that renews the voice of the sector, romances the destiny of an exceptional house and traces the origin of the brand’s values. Veuve Clicquot then becomes more than a brand in the eyes of its customers,


it is an exceptional human adventure. Reward the most engaged customers The customers who are the most engaged are the best ambassadors for your brand. To get more customer ambassadors, you need to focus on highly engaged customers by offering rewards, contests, etc. Nature & Discovery Club The brand rewards its most loyal customers by giving them the benefit of exclusive opportunities: discounts, private parties, nature expeditions, discovery workshops … The main objective is to arouse attachment to the brand and a feeling of pride in belonging to his club. Note, the loyalty program is not free, a good way to ensure the commitment of its members from the start!

6 Tips For Recruiting Committed Ambassadors

Set up a sponsorship system The win-win principle is very widespread in marketing. The referral system can be a great way to retain customers . You can, for example, offer them after their purchase to share your products and services with their loved ones via social networks in exchange for something. Casino Max: the sponsorship race Each sponsor and sponsored of the Casino application program receives a prize pool following the new membership. The system is also a competition between sponsors to encourage them to hire as many people as possible and thus maximize their earnings! A clever win-win system that allows the brand to benefit from the power of recommendations to recruit new customers, users of the application (and at the same time collect new customer data),

while promoting its ambassadors! Federate a community on social networks Social networks are a great way to promote yourself . Thus, it is important to develop attractive and quality content on these platforms. Ultimately, this type of content will promote the adhesion and engagement of your customers. Uniqlo on Instagram The development of stories and the use of branded storytelling on social networks have become major levers for community strategies. Brands thus develop engaging content to translate their values ​​and forge an intimate relationship with their communities. This is the case for Uniqlo, which regularly shares exclusive content on Instagram by revealing, for example,

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