In addition to these accreditations and labels, there are also rankings and awards, in other words as many performance criteria that must be valued. Assets that the Internet and social networks are able to highlight by reaching the right target. Here’s how Why should you value your accreditations and rankings? Has your establishment obtained accreditations and labels and is it ranked in some of the best schools? So you know how much this consecration must be valued. This recognition is an element of differentiation to set you apart from your competitors . It also brings you notoriety with your partners, your students and candidates. For future students, this is part of the selection criteria for a school because it brings value and credit to their future degree on the job market, in France and abroad. As proof, the keyword associated with the query “business school” the most used is “classification”.

(Source: SEMrush and Keyboard Planner). It is therefore time to communicate and market your performance on the Internet! It has also become one of the priorities of the establishments. In its Observatory of communication professions in Higher Education , ARCES has also integrated accreditation and rankings items in its surveys since 2015. Accreditations and rankings: new communication objectives How to highlight them? Show your performance on social media Social networks are unifying. They bring together alumni, Jamaica Phone Number List and future students as well as professionals. These are therefore multi-target communication tools on which you relay the news and the school’s performance. By doing this, you animate your community to create interaction and commitment, and above all you unite it around common values . You create a sense of pride and belonging among your alumni and current students. Then, you arouse the interest of candidates.

How To Highlight Them?

More than a guarantee of quality, it is a recognition of the State, even an international recognition of a school and a diploma. For example, ISC Paris recently obtained the American AACSB label, which attests to the quality of their management training. This news was immediately relayed on their social networks. ISC Paris social media accreditations and rankings Devote a page of your site to your accreditations and rankings, then think SEO By dedicating a Web page to your accreditations and rankings, you first bring visibility to your performance; you highlight them. In addition, if you optimize this page with SEO techniques, you have a better chance of appearing on the search engines . For this, you have to give weight to your page with backlinks and write SEO content (300 words minimum, paragraph structured with tags, insertion of relevant keywords, etc.).


These acronyms may not mean much to ordinary people, but for schools, universities, alumni and students, it means a lot. Business School is one of the few schools in the world to have obtained Triple Accreditation (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS). A page of their site is devoted to this performance as well as to their ranking in numerous rankings. If everything is visually very well valued, the same cannot necessarily be said for their SEO optimization. We have to find the right balance. BS accreditations and ranking SEO optimization of a page also implies modifying your Title and meta-description tags by inserting relevant keywords. This allows to : attract the eye of the Internet user to the link of your page (the keywords appear in bold) generate interest with a “catchy” title and description improve your SEO, especially when keywords are placed at the beginning of tags.

Why Should You Value Your Accreditations And Rankings?

The budget allocated to digital communication in schools and universities is increasing, and as we have seen, accreditations and rankings are now part of their communication strategy. To give your school much more visibility and notoriety, you must opt ​​for a paid referencing strategy capable of reaching the right target at the right time. You have two options: Text ads on the search network Text ads will appear when a final year student, for example, types in his search engine “engineering school”. If your ad meets their query (depending on the keywords you bid on), your site will be highlighted at the top or bottom of the first few pages of results. So you generate more web traffic. Then there are different types of text ads depending on your goal. The ad extensions will, for example, allow you to add descriptive elements to your ad.

It is also in the meta-description (so it appears in bold on this query). Both tags are punchy and don’t exceed the number of characters so they’re not truncated by ellipses, which is eye-catching and arousing interest. Result obtained by typing the query “accreditation business school” Promote your accreditations and rankings with AdWords Here, it could be interesting to use the teaser or sitelink extensions . Text ad with sitelink extension Text ad with callout extension On the Display network The other way to promote your credentials and rankings is by investing in more visual advertising. Image or video ads that appear on the AdWords Display Network then appear on YouTube or partner websites. Thanks to the targeting options, they are distributed on sites corresponding to a specific theme (example of contextual targeting: orientation), to a relevant audience (example: young people aged 18 to 25).



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