Only half of that group indicated that the purpose of their Jordan Phone Number List company has an impact. For half of that group (now only 21%) the purpose statement is actually aimed at meaningful or socially involved work. So there is a lot to improve on. Time for the purpose Jordan Phone Number List superheroes to stand up! Purpose superhero Superpower for the purpose superhero In many companies there appears to be a purpose gap: when it comes to engagement, we do something different than customers expect. Or we work in a different way than employees would like. As a superhero, you want to change that. But how?

The Option

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Well, it’s simple. You are looking for how you can change Jordan Phone Number List this. Looking for the superpower that is in the company. With that you can fight heroically to make the company more meaningful. In many companies we see a purpose gap: the difference Jordan Phone Number List between what we promise and what we do. The purpose gap is the phenomenon that must be combated. Superheroes choose the right weapons by answering a number of questions. Such as: Where is our strength? Where can we mean something? The example of Tony Chocolonely appears in many stories and also applies here. Because who better to fight against slavery on cocoa plantations than a chocolate factory?

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