Search Console includes a new report to track the performance of Product pages, visible in the form of rich results on Google. Google allows e-commerce sites to promote their Product pages on the search engine. It encourages merchants to insert structured data on their web pages and uses data Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List in feeds submitted through Google Merchant Center or Google Manufacturer Center to enrich results on Google. The use of structured data allows products to be better valued on search results with information such as rating (note, opinion), price and available stock. Google now allows e-merchants to better monitor the performance of their Product pages from the Search Console. In the “Performance” report (search results), a new entity can be proposed in the “Appearance in search results” tab: it corresponds to the enriched results of Product pages (“Product search results”).

This new performance report filter will allow e-merchants to answer certain questions, such as: What traffic comes from the enriched results of Product Pages How does this traffic evolve over time What seasonality do we observe For which products my site is visible via rich results, etc. To maximize your CTR (ad click rate), make the most of the context with the following means, in order of importance: Use promotion extensions. Mention “Black Friday” in the title of your ads. Add a countdown widget (a time limit for the deal). Modify your Side Links extensions (sitelinks) to highlight your promotional categories or highlight your best deals. Use the ad personalizer to integrate stock information into the ad itself (dynamic if possible). Label these “Black Friday” ads so you can easily turn them on and off en masse.

Product visibility on Google Search

Conversely, apply a “Red Thread” label to current campaigns in order to pause them and easily reactivate them if necessary. You can then set an automatic rule to activate your ads, but you will have to monitor the correct activation anyway (you cannot afford to lose a few hours of broadcasting on this critical day). Prepare your keywords Launch a Google Ads audit with SEISO to identify the best performing keywords and maximize their dissemination (follow the advice in the report to increase your impressions and lower your CPCs). Explore your history and reactivate the keywords paused when you have corresponding products with a promotional offer: during Black Friday performance is better and it is possible that these keywords, usually unprofitable, are a good lever on that particular day .


Increase your bids and, if you have the time, work on improving your rankings (use the Google Ads audit as a guide) to make sure you’re showing high on all your promos. Conversely, if you have budget limits or a trade-off to do, you can pause the keywords which are usually efficient but on which you do not have a promotional offer. Add the term Black Friday to your keywords on phrase targeting (Black Friday + Keyword). So you risk spreading better and above all it will give you additional steering leverage during the day to adjust your strategy. Finally, we recommend that you test the purchase of the keyword “Black Friday” broadly for a campaign targeted only to your search remarketing audience (RLSA) and serve them with “Black Friday – Your Brand” type ads.

The “Product Search Results” on Search Console

Monitor this campaign very closely, depending on your business and your volume it can have a very strong impact. Prepare your Google Shopping campaigns Depending on your sector, Google Shopping can represent 50% of the e-commerce turnover achieved on a Black Friday. You will need to prepare things beforehand: week before (2 if possible) List all the strategic products that you want to highlight during the day, Best Sellers, destocking … To help you, you can use the Google Shopping SEISO audit which allows you to visualize which products have the best performance in terms of turnover business and sales volume. Create a dedicated campaign for these “Black Friday Assortment” products. Structure this campaign with ad groups each containing a single product. Thanks to this method, you will be able to keep an eye on each product performance.

Use the Google Ads Shopping SEISO analysis report to identify the weak points of your flow and improve the key points of your strategic products: A unique photo in good definition A correct description A title responding to Google Shopping best practices … If you are working with offers based on a specific coupon / promo code Join or operate the “Merchant Promotions” program from your Google Merchant Center area. The program works to easily push a free / reduced shipping operation, discounts in% or in € as well as more complex formats such as free gift or X products purchased => Y offered… This program will ensure you better click-through rates (CTR) and therefore more conversion as well as a cheaper CPC (improving quality level effect). If you operate on the basis of crossed out prices


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