Do you want to launch an SEO strategy but you don’t know how to get started? Let’s take a look at how to make the right SEO decisions. These Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List decisions that will help you increase your organic traffic in 2020. In this article, we will see together: How to define your SEO goals, How to find the gaps in your SEO strategy, How to improve the impact of meetings on SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) for beginners: our 3 tips Prioritize your efforts using CROs First and foremost, you want to set clear, achievable goals . To succeed in your SEO strategy, you will need to plan it , be consistent and make effort . This is why I love working with CROs that stand for “

Key Objectives and Results ”. This is a technique used by many companies including Google and that I will explain to you here. The goal is to put in place actions that will meet certain specific objectives in order to achieve them . Your SEO strategy must be in line with the general objectives of the company, its vision and its mission. Here are some examples: Create and put in place a solid basis for the success of your SEO strategy by optimizing the structure of the site, Develop link generation campaigns to improve authority in Google, Imagine content to support the company’s Inbound Marketing strategy. These objectives are in line with the general objectives of the company,

Organize Meaningful Seo Meetings

namely: Develop its visibility on the Internet by attracting Internet users, Generate more turnover thanks to Internet users who have become customers, Reach 20 new prospects per week. The key results allow you to define objectives and above all to monitor your actions . A goal is achieved once all of the key outcomes have been completed. Here are some examples: Develop organic traffic by X percentages to reach Y users / month. Improve the ranking of certain keywords by X places. Build X backlinks related to X topics via guest posts. Repair all X technical problems highlighted in the audit. Write X SEO optimized articles per month. Speed ​​up the pages from X seconds to Y seconds.


Are our efforts having a significant impact? Are we creating value? Here’s a question you can answer using everything above. Key results that cover more areas than lead generation and revenue are very important to your SEO as well as your marketing. The SEO work you do today can pay off in a matter of weeks / months and get you in the # 1 spot . Keep in mind that the top 3 results generate the most organic traffic . It takes a while to reach these places but the results are worth it! And while organic traffic,

Find The Gaps In Your Seo Strategy

conversion rate, and revenue are the outcomes that matter most to us at the end of the day, we also need to understand the impact of our actions . This is why you would want to want to couple these key results with those of your SEO strategy such as the number of new backlinks, the authority of your domain, the ranking of your keywords, the speed of your pages, etc. Find the gaps in your SEO strategy In order to improve your SEO and thus increase the number of visitors, you will need to focus on these factors: The technical aspect : Allows Google robots to scan your site and thus understand the activity of your company. The relevance of the content : Allows you to be findable by your future customers. The authority of your site through inbound links :

Gain places in the rankings by showing Google that your site is an important source of information. The first step to a successful SEO strategy is to find out where your gaps are and where the opportunities are : Is your site slow and in need of optimization? Are you creating relevant and useful content for your targets? Do you have any sites in your area that link to you? There is no benefit to over-exploiting the SEO factor you prefer when in reality you will need to optimize all 3 to be successful . Organize meaningful SEO meetings Whether you have an in-house team or hire an outside agency, you need to plan your SEO meetings. Here is an example of a meeting:

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