On October 15, during Search On 2020 , Google announced many changes to the search engine’s algorithms . A range of innovations  under  Taiwan Phone Number List the sign of artificial intelligence and machine learning , some to come and others already in effect. Here’s what to remember from these announcements: Google BERT rises in rank The machine learning algorithm announced in 2019 is now applied to almost all requests made by users. This update, designed to improve understanding of long and complex queries, only supported a tenth of these when it was launched a year ago. In search of hidden information Google has also announced an improvement in the algorithm relating to the detection of relevant information within a web page . This update, coming in November 2020,

will make it possible to respond to particularly sharp long-tail queries and promises to benefit 7% of search results as soon as it is implemented. speaker google search on 2020 (Translation: ” Organize information in the world and make it universally accessible and useful” ) No more leniency on awkward requests Currently, Google says that one in 10 requests contains misspellings or typos . By the end of October, 680 million parameters will be put to work in a new algorithm aimed at improving the understanding of misspelled queries. This update announces a significant increase in relevance in search results, even if the search contains typos. PinPoint, the journalistic tool Google presents PinPoint , a free tool for finding information within large amounts of text, audio, video or image documents,

In Search Of Hidden Information

like a Ctrl + F function greatly improved by artificial intelligence. A novelty presented to revolutionize the comprehensiveness and fluidity of journalists’ work. Better understanding of videos Thanks to voice recognition, the content of videos available on the web will be subjected to semantic analysis by crawlers with unprecedented precision. Thus, we will be able to find in the search results the precise moment of a video in which the response to a request is found . Focus on broad queries In the future, better consideration of the underlying themes in generic queries should make it possible to offer broader and varied search results, adapted to the user’s information needs.


Google also mentioned innovations in terms of image search, through changes to the Knowledge Graph, Google Maps and Google Street View, Google Lens, Google Shopping etc. These announcements promise a real advance in the finesse and relevance of Google’s tools , but also new uses to be adopted for SEO professionals who will have to adapt to these changes, and propose new SEO solutions and strategies to improve the visibility of websites! To familiarize yourself with these new features, do not hesitate to watch the Search On 2020 replay ! GA4: the new version of Google Analytics
Google has just introduced its new version of Google Analytics (GA4) .

Google Bert Rises In Rank

News that does not go unnoticed since the platform has not undergone major changes since 2013 under Universal Analytics. The main advantage of this new version? GA4 provides a better representation and visualization of user behavior and saves time in data collection and aggregation. Machine learning to improve marketing analysis Google rolled out many updates with version 4, but the major difference between GA4 and older versions of Google Analytics is the event-driven data model. This model based on event data is at the heart of GA4, and this evolution allows us to better understand the direction that Google wants to give to its tool.

The central point of this update is to be able to bring together App + Web data on the same property and to integrate machine learning in order to highlight key information, offer more relevant recommendations (Insights) , and ensure a much more precise tracking of users’ device changes. The goal? Know through which acquisition channels, which devices come your customers / prospects. Even if you only have web data, the new Google Analytics features are still interesting.With this new version, Google Analytics wants to concentrate as much data as possible to facilitate analysis by digital marketing experts.

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