Today we present to you, a free tool published by JVWEB which allows advertisers to perform an instant audit of their Google Ads campaigns. A very practical tool to improve your SEA performance. JVWEB is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO which has the Mexico WhatsApp Number List of integrating a research and development unit regularly producing automation tools to improve the frequency and accuracy of optimizations. The agency provides marketing teams (traffic managers, CMOs and CEOs) with a new free AdWords audit service: SEISO . It allows you to quantify the waste and opportunities of a Google Ads account and to analyze its problems and its strategy, in order to create a complete report associated with concrete recommendations and reminders of AdWords best practices.

All this in order to develop the SEA business and optimize the account as much as possible. 2 solutions are generally used by professionals: carry out an AdWords audit manually (directly by your team or by an agency) or follow the recommendations made directly by Google in the management interface of the Google Ads account. Carrying out a truly comprehensive audit takes quite a long time to implement (up to 2 days for a complex account), requires very technical skills and is not easily reproducible at a regular pace. In addition, the recommendations of the Google Ads console may prove to be irrelevant and above all will not be based on significant performance differences in the account. SEISO is a much more flexible and easier to implement solution.

A Fast And Very Easy To Use Service, Perfect For Locating Your Business Potential In Sea

The tool is completely free and works very simply: Connect SEISO to your Google Ads admin account : authorize access via Google Connect (SEISO is a read-only tool) Choose the AdWords account (s) to analyze Receive your report by email : once the analysis is complete (approximately 5 minutes) you will receive the complete reports directly by email in PDF format. From now on, each month you will have a free new audit based on the 90 rolling days of activity to help you set up a continuous improvement mechanism. Once the analysis is complete, you will receive a link directing you to the results in PDF format. The report is downloadable and can be used offline. These are adapted to your account in particular on the following points


What makes your performance more difficult to interpret than the mixture of results including research on your brand (Awareness) and those in pure acquisition? SEISO detects your brand campaigns to properly split the analyzes and quantify the potential of your campaigns outside of notoriety while showing you how to enhance 100% of your brand campaigns. Audience Acquisition / Retargeting strategies : The SEISO algorithm will analyze in detail the account’s audience strategies and separate in its analyzes the pure acquisition performances from those in remarketing. This vision will allow you to finally be able to act in a specific way on the maximization of your retargeting results without overestimating the results in upper funnel acquisition. ROI / CPA strategy : Whether you are an e-merchant or you carry out lead generation.

100% Personalized Adwords Audits And Suggestions That Can Generate Traffic While Lowering Costs

SEISO will detect what the account’s strategy is and adapt its calculations as well as its reports to your KPIs by working on average acquisition costs / median or based on conversion values ​​(ROI). The scope of analysis is complete (Search, Shopping, Display, YouTube, audience strategies, etc.) and makes it possible to find new ideas for priority optimization each month in just a few clicks. A good tool therefore for marketers looking to improve their performance, save time, make life easier for their teams or challenge their partners. The solution is now used by more than 3000 advertisers in France. To learn more about how to use the results, you can contact a consultant or follow the webinars regularly hosted by the JVWEB team. To test SEISO for free, click on this link The opinions and the conversations available online constitute a subject in perpetual evolution allowing.

If it is well treated, a kind of permanent consumer study. There are many examples of products shaped through the opinions of communities, it is beyond the digital sphere a real fundamental movement, as illustrated for example by the brand C’est qui le patron? The relationship with brands is not only physical or digital, it is global. What impact does this have on your field of intervention? How to take this into account to give relevant advice? Indeed. We come to the global definition of the notion of reputation, which cannot be linked only to “on” or “offline”! Likewise, the brand experience is global. To use an obvious example, illustrates this aspect very simply: the reviews published there are the result of a “real life” experience, whether it concerns the service or the quality of the dishes, and so on.

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