Discover our selection of tools to analyze your SEO and SEA performance, measure the loading speed of a web page, but also compress images, edit GIFs or even centralize team discussions. Intended for both SEO consultants and SEA professionals, My Poseo is an online tool that Armenia WhatsApp Number List a rich panel of features to analyze the natural and paid referencing of a site. The tool offers a comprehensive approach to work on the different ways to position its pages at the top of search engine results. Among the features offered: the positioning of its keywords, the real-time monitoring of its sponsored link campaigns on Google Ads and a Search Engine Marketing analysis, from a database of more than 28 million French sites . The tool is available with a paid version starting at 20 euros per month.

This performance test tool is offered by Google. It makes it possible to obtain a precise analysis of the technical points to be corrected in order to optimize the display speed of a web page. When analyzing a page, the tool creates a detailed report with an overall score of 1 to 100 with a color code. The advantage of the tool: the test of the loading speed of a web page is carried out on desktop but also on the mobile version. This is all the more important for SEOs and site owners since the move to the mobile-first index. The weight of the images is often responsible for a very long loading time and sends a bad signal for the natural referencing of your page. To improve the positioning of your site and facilitate the user experience for Internet users.

Page Speed ​​Insights, an online service to measure the loading speed of a web page

Compressor allows you to drastically reduce the size of your images. The advantage of the tool: it compresses the weight of your visuals while minimizing the loss of quality of your images as much as possible. This free tool benefits from ergonomics and an interface that make its use simple and intuitive. Once the image is compressed, you can save it to Google Drive, Dropbox, or upload it. ezGIF is an online graphics tool that allows you to edit and edit an animated GIF simply, quickly, and for free. With ezGIF, you can especially add many effects on the GIF of your choice. The size of the image and the number of visuals contained in the GIF are mentioned by the tool, which is very useful given the various constraints of the web for creators of digital content.


The functionalities offered by ezGIF are numerous and practical: convert part of a video into GIF, resize a GIF, reduce its weight, modify the reading speed, add text or even filters. With Basecamp, you can centralize the exchanges of a team (discussions, documents and deadlines). The tool makes it possible to host exchanges and facilitate communication between those involved in your projects. Among the features, Basecamp offers an instant messaging system, to do’s for the distribution of tasks with dates to be respected, a calendar, the downloading of documents or even a notification system. The goal of the tool is to facilitate and organize conversations so that teams are more productive and projects easier to carry out. The tool has a free version and a paid offer, with more options, starting at $ 99 per month.

ezGIF, GIF editing just a click away

While awaiting official confirmation from Google, many SEOs have noticed significant and unusual variations in their organic traffic. SEOs have reported very unusual movements in the SERPs of the Google search engine in recent days. The monitoring tools have noted variations described as particularly strong by the SEO community, of the order of 10 to 15% on average on usual traffic, or even much more in some cases. earch Engine Roundtable has compiled the messages posted by SEO experts, who confirmed these disruptions in search results, especially on February 9, 2020. ​Check for pages that dropped to zero and bounced back. Have you noticed strong variations in your organic traffic? The first action is to check, using your tools (Google Analytics, Google Search Console), if you notice any effects on your site, whether positive or negative.

This involves comparing your organic traffic since Sunday with that of an equivalent period, when your traffic was stable, to better perceive unusual movements. Different criteria can put you in your ear: a drop in impressions on your most important pages or even the loss of your 0 positions on requests where you managed to obtain high volumes of traffic. If your site seems to be affected by this update, the best remedy is not to make a hasty decision. The advice to follow: carefully analyze all the data at your disposal, and try to find common points between several impacted pages, before taking any action. Because the key word remains caution. By making changes to pages, which were already well ranked in Google’s search engine, you risk having an even more negative impact on your organic traffic.


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