To set up a good SEO strategy, it is essential to have a precise vision of the performance of your content and pages. There are audit tools for this that allow you to analyze the performance of your site. This is what SEO Quantum offers: a complete technical and semantic analysis tool for all your content. SEOQuantum is built around 3 main functionalities: a Switzerland WhatsApp Number List analysis tool, a semantic and technical crawler, and a keyword analysis tool. Each feature allows you to optimize your content and your pages, and create the most relevant content possible. Concretely, SEO Quantum offers tools to find the right content to write in the best technical and semantic environment in order to have the best SEO positions. A crawler to audit your entire site and all your pages SEO Quantum launched

A semantic crawler a few days ago to audit your content and propose optimizations. We have launched a crawl over 5,000 pages of the BDM. The audit examines many technical and semantic data essential to take care of its positioning. SEO Quantum also analyzes the Internal Page Rank of your content, with recommendations on actions to take: adding internal links to such and such content, removing or deindexing such content, etc. Strengthen your internal network for better SEO results First indicator implemented by SEO Quantum in its SEO audit: a comprehensive analysis tool. In particular, you can identify the use, compliance and diversity of links and anchors. SEO Quantum also analyzes the Internal Page Rank of your content, with recommendations on actions to take

A Crawler To Audit Your Entire Site And All Your Pages

Adding internal links to such and such content, removing or deindexing such content, etc. Content and semantics SEO Quantum also looks at the content of your pages and in particular the duplicated or cannibalized content. This allows you in particular to take the right actions to avoid competition between pages, or duplicate. The audit also reveals the thematic perception of the site via the analysis of the semantic signal: are there any pages whose content is not identifiable? Here again, all the data is encrypted and precise, and the actions to be taken are clearly explained. Technical analysis On the technical side, the audit focuses in particular on empty Title tags, too short, too long, and on Meta Description. These elements are easily optimized, and can very quickly gain positions.


Internal pages Another possibility of analysis: internal pages. The tool gives you a ranking of pages with the best Internal PageRank with different performance scores: length, structure, readability, link similarity, link conformity, content links, mesh optimization, etc. Sitemap: a visualization of the internal mesh SEOQuantum also generates a sitemap of the top 500 pages on the site. This visualization tool is a good way to see which pages have the best Internal Page Rank, and how the pages are linked to each other. Optimize your internal network with the right links SEO Quantum is also able to tell you which internal links to put on a page. In this example, on our article ” How to easily remove a background in Photoshop?” » , The tool proposes to link the page with these different articles.

A Complete And Easy-to-learn Tool image editing tool that removes (roughly) backgrounds – the link is already in place Darktable, a free software to retouch your photographs (alternative to Lightroom) – the link is to be added A complete and easy-to-learn tool SEO quantum is a tool designed by SEOs for SEOs. Everything is done to generate SEO Quantum in terms of organic traffic, and optimize the content of your site. Thanks to the relevance of the crawler audits, it is easy to take corrective actions on anything that is not optimized, or on what should be put in place. Audits and recommendations are obviously exportable in order to use them. Whether it is for the optimization of your pages, your site structure, or your content, SEO Quantum is valuable. Its analysis spectrum is exhaustive, and the actions to be implemented are precise.

The tool is easy to learn, and the UX is particularly well designed. The double technical / semantic analysis is really relevant to create the most SEO friendly content possible. We also greatly appreciate the pedagogy of the tool which explains and details each concept, to allow teams (content in particular) to use it without being an SEO specialist. Tariffs adapted to uses In terms of prices, SEO Quantum adapts to user needs. The basic offer costs 24 € / month and allows 15 keyword analyzes, access to the semantic analysis tool, access to semantic clusters and email support for 1 user. So ideal for a web editor. The 89 € offer allows 50 keyword analyzes, access to the semantic optimization tool, CSV exports, the editorial guide, several languages, and 1 support in 48 hours. For 239 € per month.


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